Besides the famous one-on-one immersion Chinese language program at Keats, small group Chinese class is another feature of Keats School. The small group Chinese class is an ideal language program for students who want to live in Kunming for long term or for students who are now working in Kunming.

The small group Chinese class is 2 hours a day, 16 weeks for one semester. It has 4 levels with different class times, beginner, elementary, intermediate, and advanced classes. Keats School is able to provide students with student visas.

Features of the small group Chinese classes:

1. No more than 15 students in one class

Each student can get enough attention from the teacher and has opportunities to practice in class.

2. Professional teachers

All Keats teachers are professionally trained and have years of teaching experience. Keats School is committed to providing you professional Chinese classes with Keats teachers' passion and strong sense of responsibility.

3. Student visas provided

For long term students, you will not need to worry about your visa once you sign up for Keats School's small Chinese class. The school will help you get a student visa with multiple entries that is long enough for your Chinese language program.

4. 50% returning students

Every semester, there are about 50% students who decide to stay with Keats for another semester. Most students find the Mandarin Chinese classes at Keats are very efficient and helpful. They can see their quick progress in Chinese when talking to their Chinese friends. Many students study Chinese at Keats School for many years until they leave the city for a new job or other reasons.

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  • NameKunming Keats School
  • Address8/F Guolian Building, 80 Dongfeng Dong Lu, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 63128853
  • FAX(0871) 63128853
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Kunming Keats School • 8/F Guolian Building, 80 Dongfeng Dong Lu

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They cannot accept foreign students for obvious reasons. You can call and get a contact to do online classess still though if they have teachers available.


I made an appointment per telephone yesterday to come to the school today. It's kind of urgent because my visa is lasts only 1 month. Today I went there and couldn't find the entrance to the school, so I call the phone number again only to have them hang up on me 4 times. Not quite professional. Also unfortunate because they know it's urgent and they also haven't called me back till now...


I am puzzled by all the positive reviews for Keets.

Keets promised to help find an apartment. I am a China vet, but was new to Kunming, and I know having local help finding an apartment is key. The "help" was after setting an appointment with the staff, we arrived at the school, at which point they called the first near by agent who would answer the phone, and they provided absolutely no language support. I was able to find my own place without their help, but if I were new to China, it would have been a difficult situation.

They did not provide great information on the visa, there were a few surprises.


Very good school! im going there a few semesters already and I really like it! Well experienced teachers and excellent study program!