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Hi! I just stumbled across a place:

It’s a small Krav Maga (imi federation) studio on the 4th floor, building B of that shopping mall. The name is: Krav Maga International Education Center.

I didn’t make any personal experience there, though.


No results found.




I've been going to this place for around 3 months now. Very engaging and motivating teacher! The self defense classes are the main reason why I go here but the yoga (vinyasa) classes especially surprised me as they leave me gassed in no time. I used to think yoga could never be physically demanding enough for a guy like me who does pushups for fun. But they are. Trust me.


Today is the second day I visit this school. It's akways closed and a paper with something in Chinese written on it hangs on the door. I guess this school is either not for studying Mandarin (since you have to already know it to understand the paper), or closed. Or both.


I made an appointment per telephone yesterday to come to the school today. It's kind of urgent because my visa is lasts only 1 month. Today I went there and couldn't find the entrance to the school, so I call the phone number again only to have them hang up on me 4 times. Not quite professional. Also unfortunate because they know it's urgent and they also haven't called me back till now...