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The Chinese vaccine is worthless (yet they only accept the Chinese vaccine, not Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, nor Astra Zeneca) for foreigners applying for a work visa.

All you have to do is look at Chile, more than 50% of the country is vaccinated, mostly with the Chinese vaccine, and

Chile is seeing their highest number of COVID cases yet (and the death rate is not decreasing either, so this is not a situation where the vaccine is preventing deaths and serious cases while not stopping people from getting mild and asymptomatic cases).

In places like the U.K. and U.S. the vaccine drive has coincided with a drop in daily cases and deaths.

Charging foreigners more for this vaccine (if you work in China you are paying taxes like a Chinese person) is a slap in the face.

I'm honestly stunned that foreigners stay in China.


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I am puzzled by all the positive reviews for Keets.

Keets promised to help find an apartment. I am a China vet, but was new to Kunming, and I know having local help finding an apartment is key. The "help" was after setting an appointment with the staff, we arrived at the school, at which point they called the first near by agent who would answer the phone, and they provided absolutely no language support. I was able to find my own place without their help, but if I were new to China, it would have been a difficult situation.

They did not provide great information on the visa, there were a few surprises.