Besides the famous one-on-one immersion Chinese language program at Keats, small group Chinese class is another feature of Keats School. The small group Chinese class is an ideal language program for students who want to live in Kunming for long term or for students who are now working in Kunming.

The small group Chinese class is 2 hours a day, 16 weeks for one semester. It has 4 levels with different class times, beginner, elementary, intermediate, and advanced classes. Keats School is able to provide students with student visas.

Features of the small group Chinese classes:

1. No more than 15 students in one class

Each student can get enough attention from the teacher and has opportunities to practice in class.

2. Professional teachers

All Keats teachers are professionally trained and have years of teaching experience. Keats School is committed to providing you professional Chinese classes with Keats teachers' passion and strong sense of responsibility.

3. Student visas provided

For long term students, you will not need to worry about your visa once you sign up for Keats School's small Chinese class. The school will help you get a student visa with multiple entries that is long enough for your Chinese language program.

4. 50% returning students

Every semester, there are about 50% students who decide to stay with Keats for another semester. Most students find the Mandarin Chinese classes at Keats are very efficient and helpful. They can see their quick progress in Chinese when talking to their Chinese friends. Many students study Chinese at Keats School for many years until they leave the city for a new job or other reasons.

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  • NameKunming Keats School
  • Address8/F Guolian Building, 80 Dongfeng Dong Lu, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 63128853
  • FAX(0871) 63128853
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Kunming Keats School • 8/F Guolian Building, 80 Dongfeng Dong Lu

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I've been studying at Keats for over a year, and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone.

The teachers are great. I have had 4 different teachers in my time there and they were all excellent - well prepared, interesting and helpful.

The other staff are also friendly and helpful.

The classrooms, the facilities and atmosphere in the school are also great.
In summary, it's great. A little expensive, perhaps, but completely worth it.


Hey guys,
I'm currently studying at Keats school and i can say its been a quite good experience. i think it's a really excellent school and i can vouch for the teachers there because they've been really great. I'm in the group classes which is of about 6-8 students and it's a good deal because for's cheap! plus the teacher is always concerned with each and everyone's improvement in the language and is always willing to help when faced with difficulty. You would think that sitting in class for 2hrs studying would be boring but it surely isn't because the teacher always tries to make it more fun with the help of some games and small class competitions which at the end of the day makes you want to learn more about stuff you didn't know and also helps you review those which you knew. Sure hope you can join!


We have studied for one year in keats school, and we feel this was be an amazing experience.

It's not far from the city center, the teachers realy know to teach foreigner students, there are activities and the atmosphere is realy comfortable.
They can to give you the visa, a place to life, good food, if you don't want to worry about this things, this school is a good option.


Have been studying at Keats for almost four semesters now and I'm very enthusiastic about the quality of the teachers and the commitment of the school's staff.

One point of criticism is that I think they could put in some effort to group people of the same level together, rather than base it on who was together in last semester's class.


I'd also like to reply to mamasaidknockouts review,

Yeah, it would be great if the teachers got paid more, but its the industry standard. Are you also upset that waiters and waitresses get paid around 30 RMB a day? And the fine for being late? that's awesome! I don't want to show up to class and have to wait around for my teacher.

In terms of "people who pay the most get the top priority", if you were taking one-on-one classes, you are the one paying the most. I'm taking the small classes and I'm paying a tiny fraction of what the one-on-one people pay and they still treat me with deference and respect, despite my low tuition.

Yeah, the school asks students to comment, but they don't ask them to lie or otherwise to write positive reviews. There's nothing wrong with asking your customers to give you feedback on a public forum.

I'm not really sure what your complaints are for this school other than the noise, and for that, its a small school on a single floor of a high rise. Its impossible for it to be completely quiet all the time, especially if there are other students in the hallways.