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Maybe Yuantongsi's option could be worked out by asking the former boyfriend to do that. Sounds like a long shot, I know, but there don't seem to be many other options for gettin that baby out alive.

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Thanks for the help. The thing I'm trying to get doesnt accept International orders through paypal, and they will only accept international money orders, no western union. If using a credit card they will only ship to the actual billing address (which for me is in Pennsylvania, not so helpful). They don't accept Union Pay I think int. money order is really the only way. Anyone know how to do this?


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I'd also like to reply to mamasaidknockouts review,

Yeah, it would be great if the teachers got paid more, but its the industry standard. Are you also upset that waiters and waitresses get paid around 30 RMB a day? And the fine for being late? that's awesome! I don't want to show up to class and have to wait around for my teacher.

In terms of "people who pay the most get the top priority", if you were taking one-on-one classes, you are the one paying the most. I'm taking the small classes and I'm paying a tiny fraction of what the one-on-one people pay and they still treat me with deference and respect, despite my low tuition.

Yeah, the school asks students to comment, but they don't ask them to lie or otherwise to write positive reviews. There's nothing wrong with asking your customers to give you feedback on a public forum.

I'm not really sure what your complaints are for this school other than the noise, and for that, its a small school on a single floor of a high rise. Its impossible for it to be completely quiet all the time, especially if there are other students in the hallways.


I've had nothing but good experiences at Lost Garden.

The owners are extremely considerate and nice people and clearly try very hard to make the experience of the guest their first priority.

A few isolated incidents are not a good reflection of the restaurant or the hostel. This place is awesome and will continue to be so.

I know it sounds like someone from the restaurant wrote this but that's not true. I just don't write reviews unless the character of my favorite establishments are attacked.