Besides the famous one-on-one immersion Chinese language program at Keats, small group Chinese class is another feature of Keats School. The small group Chinese class is an ideal language program for students who want to live in Kunming for long term or for students who are now working in Kunming.

The small group Chinese class is 2 hours a day, 16 weeks for one semester. It has 4 levels with different class times, beginner, elementary, intermediate, and advanced classes. Keats School is able to provide students with student visas.

Features of the small group Chinese classes:

1. No more than 15 students in one class

Each student can get enough attention from the teacher and has opportunities to practice in class.

2. Professional teachers

All Keats teachers are professionally trained and have years of teaching experience. Keats School is committed to providing you professional Chinese classes with Keats teachers' passion and strong sense of responsibility.

3. Student visas provided

For long term students, you will not need to worry about your visa once you sign up for Keats School's small Chinese class. The school will help you get a student visa with multiple entries that is long enough for your Chinese language program.

4. 50% returning students

Every semester, there are about 50% students who decide to stay with Keats for another semester. Most students find the Mandarin Chinese classes at Keats are very efficient and helpful. They can see their quick progress in Chinese when talking to their Chinese friends. Many students study Chinese at Keats School for many years until they leave the city for a new job or other reasons.

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Kunming Keats School • 8/F Guolian Building, 80 Dongfeng Dong Lu

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responding to the message of mamasaidknockout. The overall salary for the chinese teachers is very low. My teacher at mei's mandarin school was begging me to come to school or else she would not even get her salary, because nobody was at that moment in class.

It is sad to say, but i think the low-rate the Chinese teachers get, might be the Chinese standard.


I had 10 weeks of 1-on-1 classes. The facilities are not great. My teacher did her best. From what I am told they get 20 kuai per teaching hour and if they arrive after 8:20 they are fined 50 kuai. Classes start at 8:30. When other students would disturb my class, management didn't really care. Who ever paid the most money had top priority. I also know that Keats asked at least one of the below posters to write a review. As I know him personally.


I've studied for one semester at Keats and it has been a great experience. The school itself has a cozy, relaxed environment and the staff is extremely friendly. The price is quite reasonable and classes are top notch. I had an excellent teacher, who always made classes interesting, relevant and really fun, which in turn gave me motivation to make it to class. I studied for one semester at a university in Chongqing and the two experiences were as different as night and day. After my semester at the university, I didn't think i'd want to go back to school again, but after giving Keats a shot, I am 100% certain that i want to continue my Mandarin study at this fantastic school. I would recommend Keats to anyone looking for a place to study, whether they are absolute beginners or already quite advanced. I am fully confident that the staff at Keats will be able to put you in a class that is suitable for you, allowing you to attain your goals, whatever they may be.


I studied at keats school for fourty weeks in a small class. I highly recommend this school because the location is in the center of city and there's a bus stop just in front of the building that's quite convenience to go anywhere. 
The classes are small so it is easy to ask questions. Their teacher are experienced so they can deal with individual problems for learning Chinese.
There are students from all over the world so it makes class interesting. Aslo we sometimes eat lunch and study together after the class. The most awsome experience in this semester was when we went to a bbq with Chinese friends. The school also organizes activities.
If you want to improve not only writen chinese but also spoken Chinese, this shcool will be one of the best choice for you to study. If you are interested you should try their trial class and see the cozy school and nice staff.



I've spent around 1 year at Keats so far, attending both one-to-one and small classes. I'm not familiar with any other schools in the area; so I can't offer any comparisons. However, from my own experience, I can highly recommend Keats.

Teachers: 10/10

They are intuitive, accommodating, incredibly well-trained, and passionate about their work. I've had several different teachers so far and have come to know many more. To date, each of my teachers has been superb. In fact, 2 of the best teachers I've ever had in my life have come from Keats. And this is not an isolated opinion. Many other students at Keats feel the same way. If you can, ask for Joy, Sheila, or Jayden. You won't be disappointed.

Classes/Students: 10/10

One-to-one classes are subjective – the experience is contingent upon your needs, abilities, and relationship with your teacher. But because Keats is very accommodating and because the quality of teaching is so high, I expect that your experience would be just as positive as mine has been.

Small classes are less subjective; however, the experience is still somewhat contingent upon your needs, abilities, and relationship with you teacher and classmates. Nevertheless, the Keats small class teachers do a tremendous job of understanding the needs of their students, ensuring that each lesson plan is effective and engaging, and getting everyone to participate in a manner that best serves individual needs. My personal experience with small classes has been amazing. I'm not sure if I've been lucky, but the students and teacher (Sheila) in my small class have each made this one of the best learning experiences I've ever had.

The students vary in age, background, nationality, and aspirations. The diverse demographics are fairly consistent throughout the year; however, I think that more young people (20s) tend to study during the summer months.

Facilities: 8/10

The one-to-one classrooms are fairly small, but they get the job done. Each is equipped with the basics (e.g., white board, table, chairs, teaching materials, etc.). Most have a window. My only real problem would be that the chairs aren't too comfortable.

The small class classrooms are also relatively small, but can easily accommodate 10 people. The chairs are much more comfortable. Each small class classroom has a window.
The dorms are all very similar: relatively small, but for one person, they have just about everything you would need. I would recommend asking for a room on the 12th floor rather than the 15th or 16th floors. When I stayed in the dorms, the 12th floor tended to be a bit more quiet.

The "cafeteria" is really just a large dining room that sits around 20-30 people. It is located on the same floor as the classrooms, so it is very convenient. My only problem was the food. When I stayed in the dorms and ate regularly at the school, I was never overly satisfied with the meals. However, I am a picky Westerner and everyone else seemed to enjoy the food; so bear that in mind.

Location: 8/10

The school is in a fairly decent location – about a 15-minute walk from the city-center, 10-20-minute walk to two decent gyms, 15-minute walk from 2 large supermarkets (Walmart and Ginko), 5-minute walk to a big hospital, and right in front of major bus and (soon) subway stops. For those who are more familiar with Kunming, it's about a 15/20-minute bus ride to Green Lake and Yunan Daxue/Wen Lin Jie.

Cost: 7/10

Although, at 100RMB/hour for one-to-one classes, the prices are a little high for Kunming, the quality of teaching is excellent and well worth the investment. At 4000RMB/20-week semester for small classes, the price is standard for the area, but the teaching quality, once again, is excellent and makes this a very good deal.

Overall: 10/10

Keats is a fantastic school. I highly recommend it!