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I believe international relationships work just fine, as long as you are in the same country. I have many friends who are in mixed race relationships and the only one that didn't work out, was the one that was mostly online. My friend met his wife while she was in Canada, on business; they hit it off and kept in contact. This turned into a multi-year, online relationship, until he went to the Philippines and married her. Then she went to Canada, at which point she became a different person and the two of them are now miserable together. So, yah that didn't work out so well, but it's a very different situation then living in the same place while dating.

I myself am a Canadian who married a Kunming girl last March and we couldn't be happier. As others have touched on, dealing with the in-laws can sometimes be... challenging and cultural differences make for interestingly contrary points of view at times, but those differences keep things fun. One of my favourite things is introducing my wife to things that China just doesn't do or have and she of course really enjoys showing me new things.

As far as, what the rest of the world thinks... f*ck 'em. It's your life. Live it in a way that makes you happy, or what's the point? In China, I've occasionally come across random (probably single) Chinese dudes who didn't seem to like the fact that I had come over here and "taken" one of "their" girls, but this is generally limited to a nasty look or a few unpleasant words grumbled under their breath. Nothing to get really upset over. As far as the Canadian perspective goes, I really can't imagine running into any worse problems, if any at all. In fact, in Canada, we're not really sure what a foreigner looks like. Well... except for those large groups of like-race people that get off a tour bus together and follow around a person with a flag all day. ;)

So yah, I got a little long winded there, but I guess all I really want to say is, if that's the relationship you want, then go for it. There will be trying times, but it's the same in any relationship.


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