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You are supposed to pay for membership but you could ask to try it out at the start. It will be mostly young boxers and their are a few senior guys there too.

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Maybe its a conspiracy!

I am not sure about the website but most cinemas have their own website that shows what is coming out soon.


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I had 10 weeks of 1-on-1 classes. The facilities are not great. My teacher did her best. From what I am told they get 20 kuai per teaching hour and if they arrive after 8:20 they are fined 50 kuai. Classes start at 8:30. When other students would disturb my class, management didn't really care. Who ever paid the most money had top priority. I also know that Keats asked at least one of the below posters to write a review. As I know him personally.


Does the job. But you should really bargain with them I got it for 620kuai for a one year membership about a month ago.