Gym and fitness center on Renmin Zhong Lu.

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  • NameMorning Gym
  • Address168 Renmin Zhong Lu, Kunming
  • MOBILE13187863980
  • Phone(0871) 63128488
  • Hours9am-10pm
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Morning Gym • 168 Renmin Zhong Lu

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Im going to this gym, and are quite satisfied! BUT

what pisses me off, is that they seem to change the prices all the time. In one month they have change the prices about six times. I got my membership for 550kuai for one year. it was a special offer then, but only 30 kuai less than normal price. Then it went to 600, 660,780,1000. I've been showing friends this place, and i always get them to pay no more than 600kuai for one year. Now they got a new special offer:1000 kuai for 3 years. It is limited for 50 persons only.


Does the job. But you should really bargain with them I got it for 620kuai for a one year membership about a month ago.


Convenient. If you come from the north, it's 100m to the right from Mc Donald's. Ren Ming zhong rd. No.32, China Everbright bld. Backside 3.Fl.

The official prices seem 788 a year or
598 for 6 months.

It's got bikes, running machines, loads of weight lifting stuff and a tiny sauna. Nothing fancy, but a good deal for the money.


nice enough gym.

got 4mths for 400 kuai. couldnt get it lower but they asked for 600 kuai. so do bargain with them.

very nice staff


I somehow was able to snag a two year membership for 1400 remember to go in bargaining. Overall this place is ok, but there are a lot of things that aren't up to western standards. If you go here, you should consider your personal safety to be in your hands and your hands only...always check weight equipment carefully for loose bolts, faulty joints/hinges, frayed wires that could cause a catastrophic failure and result in injury. Especially watch out for the flat/incline adjustable benches, as they have a habit of seeming to be securely latched in an upright position, only to go flying backwards in the middle of doing shoulder presses...

Staff are all really nice.