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I think Kunminghua is very hard to understand Chinese people from another province need about 5 months to fully understand Kunminghua. My girlfriend is a Kunming'ren, when she talks Kunminghua i only pick up the words like: Shillema, re'endelah, ge shi. The meaning of a sentance is very hard to figure out. Anyway i guess 1 on 1 is easier, but following a bunch of kunming'rens conversation is very tough.
So Kunming locals will rarely talk putonghua in a group.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Airport Pick-up?

You can take a bus ( I thought line 1) or taxi (in high season you have to keep in mind to wait for about 30 min in the line). Don't go with the guys who offer you, to bring you to your hotel. They ask for a higher price then a taxi and are not reliable.
You can also check with a local travel agency in Kunming called Wonders Of Yunnan, they have a webpage for airport pick up. They have an English speaking staff, very reasonable priced and work professional.

Good luck!

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Airplane Ticketing

@ Wanderer, You can also give it a try with,

I worked with them and i think they are a doing a good job.
They speak English and are located in Kunming. They are connected to; KUNMING TRAVEL SERVICE INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD


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Hi Chris,

A great article with gokunming and even a greater quest. I agree solving the problem is threw marketing, but sometimes when there is money involved, marketing might not be enough for some people to stop. The rumour has it that the tigers get transported van Burmese border to China (Yunnan), so that some chinese are able and willing to spend a lot of money to go to a restaurant to eat the tiger meat. It is not all about the Chinese medicine anymore.

I'm from the Netherlands and I´m planning on going to Kunming. I hear from a lot of people that Yunnan is one of the most beautiful provinces of China. How the h#$* is it possible that there is a leg of tourism in Yunnan? I can not believe it is only the fees they ask? Maybe there is just a lot more to see in Yunnan, that we don't know of. With the wonderful weather of Kunming they should also have more tourism right? For me Yunnan is unexpectedly low on this rank and with the beauty it has to offer i expect them to get higher in the future.



responding to the message of mamasaidknockout. The overall salary for the chinese teachers is very low. My teacher at mei's mandarin school was begging me to come to school or else she would not even get her salary, because nobody was at that moment in class.

It is sad to say, but i think the low-rate the Chinese teachers get, might be the Chinese standard.