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Forums > Travel Yunnan > Covid testing, Anyone had one done in Kunming.

When you do a test at one of the pop-up testing sites, they will scan your health code and the results will show up there. The hospitals, which usually provide paper results, generally don't upload your results to the health code app.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Lao Cai/Hekou border crossing

All international arrivals must do a minimum of 14 days hotel quarantine at port of entry, and generally at least 7 more days of either home or hotel quarantine, depending on the rules of your final destination city.

China's land borders are currently closed to most travelers.

There was talk of a "fast track" for certain high level businessmen, but I think that's on hold right now, and was basically only intended for high level executives at major corporations. Even diplomats generally have to quarantine. The list of exceptions is extremely short.

When you fly into China, you need to take a direct flight from your departure country, and meet all testing requirements set by the Chinese embassy in that country.

It may be possible to fly direct to Kunming from Bangkok, but you will need to stay in Bangkok for at least a week before departure, and do all the tests required by the Chinese Embassy in Thailand.

International arrivals in Shanghai are currently still staying at the same quarantine hotels as before. They are not staying in the big field hospitals that have been built to contain the local outbreak.

Frankly, coming to China is much more complicated than you seem to realize. Be prepared to spend several months and thousands of dollars to get your documents in order, not to mention thousands on your plane flight.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Local ethnic music


Thanks for this! The Shaxi area is a must-visit for anyone interested in Yunnan culture: the ancient grottoes and temples of Shibaoshan, the restored Shaxi caravan town, and Shilong Village at the top of the mountain.

The Linden Center just built a beautiful new space at Shilong Village.


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@Ishmael: My impression was that the Bai of Heqing were the builders, making houses in a variety of minority styles all over western Yunnan, and Jianchuan was home to the carpenters who made the best window screens and eaves decorations.



Right next to my office, so I eat here pretty often. The place has a nice garden design with lots of outdoor seating for nice days.

A nice menu of Western food with solid brunch choices, fresh fruit juice mixes, and good salads. The burger is also very good.


Excellent Thai food served in a beautiful art deco setting. The bar is also top notch, with great cocktails, whiskys and cigars.

When the weather is good, try to get a table on the rooftop garden, which offers views of the Bird and Flower market.

May be a little pricier than some of the other Thai restaurants in town.


An exciting new gallery space built from an old factory warehouse in the Paoluda Creative Industry Park. Looking forward to seeing what they'll do with it.


A great little place in the middle of a beautiful valley chock full of great climbing spots.

The beds and rooms are very comfortable, though the bathrooms are shared, and of the "eco" variety (a plus as far as I'm concerned).

The owners are very helpful about everything from info on climbing spots to trip planning and getting around the area.

Also, the place is dirt cheap. I wholeheartedly recommend it.