gaga is a casual dining chain established in Shen- zhen since 2010, currently with 34 casual dining gaga cafés which mainly offer tea drinks and light meals, and 1 high-end restaurant gaga chef which presents a combination of casual fine dine and lounge.
We consistently look for new ingredients and new ideas, gather the power of community, hoping to bring high-quality food and better living experience to today's urbanites and the creative class.

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  • Namegaga
  • AddressCentral Avenue Park 1903, 6A 101, 1st floor, Kunming
    昆明西山区Park 1903央街一层6A101gaga鲜语凯旋门旁
  • Phone(0871) 65691918
  • FAX(0871) 650228
  • Hours10am-10pm
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gaga • Central Avenue Park 1903, 6A 101, 1st floor

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Right next to my office, so I eat here pretty often. The place has a nice garden design with lots of outdoor seating for nice days.

A nice menu of Western food with solid brunch choices, fresh fruit juice mixes, and good salads. The burger is also very good.


Nice place with beautiful design! I used to come here for brunch on weekends. The floor-to-ceiling windows are very comfortable.