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Lao Cai/Hekou border crossing

Kelisi (3 posts) • 0

I have plans to work in Kunming and was thinking to travel into China via Vietnam to avoid any quarantine in Shanghai or Beijing for connecting to the flight to Kunming.

My idea is that by entering China via the Lao Cai/Hekou border I may only have to quarantine in Yunnan province instead of Shanghai or Beijing and then Kunming again.

Any advice or information you may have on Lao Cai/Hekou border crossing would be much appreciated.

peterpan (10 posts) • 0

Hi I don’t know a about this , maybe you can ad and ask to any travel wechat group to have any information.

tigertigerathome (169 posts) • 0

It is still possible to fly directly into Kunming International Airport. A very recent article was linked in another thread on here yesterday. You might find the info in the article very useful.

fabey (86 posts) • 0

It may be worth noting the CNN correspondent Selina Wang flew in from Tokyo ten days ago.

This article was updated to report on the "grim" Shanghai surge and draconian lockdowns (from Ms. Wang's quarantine hotel w/ a nice view), not the possible rule changes for international inbound travellers to Kunming airport, granted the policies may remain unchanged.

Follow her Tweets here:


Kelisi (3 posts) • 0

thanks much for getting back to me! I have seen the CNN report by Selina Wang ... sounds like 21 day quarantine is still required in Kunming ... chances are the same applies to any other Yunnan point of entry including Hekou ... I wonder if certain people are excluded from 21 day quarantine ... Shanghai had something called "fast track" for "important" business folks that included fewer quarantine days and other "perks" ...

Xiefei (539 posts) • 0

All international arrivals must do a minimum of 14 days hotel quarantine at port of entry, and generally at least 7 more days of either home or hotel quarantine, depending on the rules of your final destination city.

China's land borders are currently closed to most travelers.

There was talk of a "fast track" for certain high level businessmen, but I think that's on hold right now, and was basically only intended for high level executives at major corporations. Even diplomats generally have to quarantine. The list of exceptions is extremely short.

When you fly into China, you need to take a direct flight from your departure country, and meet all testing requirements set by the Chinese embassy in that country.

It may be possible to fly direct to Kunming from Bangkok, but you will need to stay in Bangkok for at least a week before departure, and do all the tests required by the Chinese Embassy in Thailand.

International arrivals in Shanghai are currently still staying at the same quarantine hotels as before. They are not staying in the big field hospitals that have been built to contain the local outbreak.

Frankly, coming to China is much more complicated than you seem to realize. Be prepared to spend several months and thousands of dollars to get your documents in order, not to mention thousands on your plane flight.

fabey (86 posts) • 0

Policies are constantly changing.

"International travelers landing in Beijing [Ms. Wang's final destination of work] are now subject to 10 days of centralized quarantine at designated hotels plus seven days of home isolation before they can move freely, officials said Thursday at a press briefing on the city’s pandemic response."


Mario007 (42 posts) • 0

I wonder what are the rules for then traveling from Beijing to say Kunming. Like you do your 10days and then are to go to your home in Kunming to do the additional 7 days or would they make you do 17 days in the hotel quarantine in Beijing?

livinginchina (222 posts) • 0

My wife and I went to Guangzhou. On coming back we had to quarantine at home for 7 days. Why? Because the Health code (行程卡) Had an * with other information regarding Guangzhou virus outbreak. So my guess is you would have to quarantine at home too unless there is no * and both of your codes are green. It sucked big time. Luckily we had water/food/etc. I can't imagine what the people in Shanghai are going through.

livinginchina (222 posts) • +1

By the way, we were there because my wife had a appointment with the consulate. We couldn't change the appointment. Bad timing I guess but she passed the interview. 👏👏👏

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