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Forums > Living in Kunming > Volunteers for a Christmas Market Charitable Event

Hi everyone next week we are organising a charitable Christmas Market event at our school. The event will basically see our teachers and parents and some local businesses setting up Christmas stalls in our school and selling various small gifts, toys or yummy food with all the proceeds going to the Stepping Stones charity. Stepping Stones is a charity focusing on helping disadvantaged children in China gain access to education.

At this stage we're still looking for more people to set up their stands and help this good cause. You can sell literally anything from homemade cookies to small Christmas gifts. If you are interested please contact me. Thank you.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > International Church

The funny thing is that apart from the big church on Beijing road that is being torn down and the little house that they moved to I've seen at least two other churches with crosses on the roof but can't figure out when are the mass times.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > International Church

I'd love to know about this too. I went to the Catholic Chinese service but it's not that great to be honest, set it a big house separated by walls you don't really feel like at church at all.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Wechat groups?

Ah right that would make sense. I don't use Facebook so no wonder I was having a hard time locating expats in Kunming.
In that case I guess I'll need to look for some more specific groups like DnD, football/sports, job groups etc.


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