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Forums > Living in Kunming > Moving to Kunming - where?

Thanks for all your advice guys. Having a Hema supermarket close is a super nice thing, I've been using them here in Shanghai and they're just way too convenient.

We have our own car so getting around should not be a problem though personally I am a kind of a person who loves the metro but right now from what I've seen Kunming's metro is still in the developing stages.

We are coming back to set up our own kindergarten so maybe that area having lots of teachers might not be too bad. I would be a little bit concerned about no western food though as that is something I did get used to in Shanghai (though I do love Chinese food too, but it's nice to have a western meal close by once in a while).

Apart from the Aegan mall,

are there any other areas that you would recommened?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Moving to Kunming - where?

I think I might be writing about that one yeah, down south around Guangfu Road. Are there many expats living around there and is there much to do besides the mall?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Traffic flow on Gokunming

Are there any foreign ran WeChat groups that you guys could post over here? I'll be moving to Kunming soon and would love to reach out to the international community over there. I thought consulting this website would be enough but, it is true, the traffic here is a little bit slow.
My wechat name is marioepic (username chosen when i was young and stupid) if anyone would like to add me.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > International Church

Hi I wanted to ask is the Kinming International Fellowship a Protestant or a Catholic organisation. I'm looking for a Catholic mass and so far only know of the state-sanctioned church as Beijing Road.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Dungeons and Dragons

Hey man, I'll be moving to Kunming soon but will definitely be up for some DnD when I get there. Would be really interested in joining some games.


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