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i'm in shenzhen and got a new student visa (language student) on july 26th (i'm in my 30s).

i was thinking of moving to kunming, but doing the transfer was such as hassle that i eventually decided to stay in shenzhen.

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I had the same problem.. After six months of desperation, I solved by starting to practice yoga by watching beginner videos on youtube.

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Thank you for your reply. Since I wrote

this post, I got a reply from a private school, which confirms what you are saying. They are waiting for news from the government, so far they can't accept new students.

I think I'll suck it up and stay in Shenzhen for now.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Yunnan University Contact

I'm a language student in Shenzhen right now (with a student visa). I'd like to move to Kunming next semester, but so far I haven't found a language school / university where I can enroll.

The Normal University has suspended its course for foreigners. I tried to contact Yunnan University, but received no reply to calls or email. Does anyone have a Wechat contact of their international students office? Or any suggestions for private schools? Thank you so much


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