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Health Certificate in English

Sowad (6 posts) • 0

Anyone knows if any hospital issues Health Certificate in English ( Proof that I am not infected by Coronavirus ). Recently going outside of China, so thinking of obtaining a certificate in English. Because I think other country people may not understand certificate in Chinese

bucko (695 posts) • 0

What difference does it make?? 10 minutes after you take this test, you can get infected. Has zero value.

Chrispotter (8 posts) • 0

Don't waste your money and time, every country will probably want to do their own test, and as ''Bucko'' said ,a test done hours before getting into a plane is already outdated...Just carry on with whatever procedures they ask you to follow, be safe.

michael2015 (774 posts) • 0

Firstly - there is no such thing as the COVID "passport".

As for the health check passport - the Yunnan government issues a formal government health check passport-sized booklet as follows - but it is NOT a COVID passport, nor is there any COVID test result within.

The Yunnan International Travel Hygiene Healthcare Center responsible amongst other things, for the health checks of foreigners seeking long-term visas (work, family stay, student, etc) issues a bilingual "health check book" along with a full A4 page report.

Cost is about CNY 487. They do a standard physical - so there's no COVID specific test. Currently - you have to present the Yunnan Green Healthcheck certificate (online check - easy to do and complete with near instantaneous response) before you can enter the facility.

The tests currently only take a few hours to complete (because most foreigners blocked from entering china) and they can provide the booklet and test results within a week - usually faster.

You can find info about this facility right here on Gokm's listings section - but for ease of use - please follow this gokm link:


AlPage48 (1355 posts) • 0

Just before the shutdown some countries (notably Thailand) would not issue a boarding pass without a health certificate issued within 48 hours declaring the carrier to be virus free.

As others have pointed out, it's a useless exercise, as is that mobile app where I still show my green screen from April 4th.

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