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It was normal. Hotel checked my coronavirus negative certificate and Shanghai Health code ( which I got from Alipay automatically, since now there's a common health code ). While coming back from Shanghai to Kunming, at Shanghai Airport there was no need to show any health code, after landing in Kunming my Yunnan Health Code was scanned during exit. That's it.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Travelling in Shanghai

Did anybody recently went to Shanghai and then came back to Kunming ? I am planning to go there next week. Even though Shanghai now is a low risk area, but I was wondering do I have to be in quarantine after coming back from Shanghai. I plan to stay in Shanghai maximum 2/3 days

Forums > Living in Kunming > Quarantine/isolation rules & updates

I am also quarantined at Guangzhou for 14 days, next week supposed to come to Kunming. Was wondering what kind of procedures need to be done before coming to Kunming, Is showing my quarantine certificate good enough ?

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Applying Q1/Q2 Visa from Home Country

Hello, currently I am in my home country and my 2 years resident permit is expired in July ( My wife is from Kunming). I checked with the Chinese Embassy here, they said that I can apply for Q1/Q2 Visa. I have noticed that for applying Q1/Q2 visa, I need my spouse's invitation. I am confused about this part. Regarding this invitation, should she issue invitation by herself or there's any specific format for it or there's any relationship with the Public Security Bureau at Kunming ? Anyone sharing their experience will be helpful


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