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Applying Q1/Q2 Visa from Home Country

Sowad (7 posts) • 0

Hello, currently I am in my home country and my 2 years resident permit is expired in July ( My wife is from Kunming). I checked with the Chinese Embassy here, they said that I can apply for Q1/Q2 Visa. I have noticed that for applying Q1/Q2 visa, I need my spouse's invitation. I am confused about this part. Regarding this invitation, should she issue invitation by herself or there's any specific format for it or there's any relationship with the Public Security Bureau at Kunming ? Anyone sharing their experience will be helpful

JanJal (1237 posts) • 0

I've never needed any certification for the invitation for family visa. She (or me) has written it herself and with her signature it has been good to go.

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