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Quarantine/isolation rules & updates

BlueBird (55 posts) • 0

Hi Fam,
Blue birdy here again :)

Here is something I would love to hear from your experience and opinion please.

I've been isolated in Quanzhou for 14 days. Medical personal has done PRC testing on my arrival, checking my body temperature twice a day.

Next week, I am coming home in Kunming, now, rumor's has it: I should expect another 7 days in Kunming too? I am coming from Quanzhou with certificates from the local government officials here, also the medical team is giving me a certificates and both parties claim to be there is no more quarantines....rumor has it there is additional 7 days back home. Anyone? Share something to me/ to us from your experience.

Xiefei (539 posts) • +1

So far, everyone I know who has arrived in Kunming after 14 days hotel quarantine has been allowed free movement, with no more isolation.

bubblyian (88 posts) • 0

you will have another covid test 3-4 days before departure and won't be able to leave unless that also tests negative. Make sure you get a stamped form from the hotel confirming you are negative for covid and check the dates!

Sowad (6 posts) • 0

I am also quarantined at Guangzhou for 14 days, next week supposed to come to Kunming. Was wondering what kind of procedures need to be done before coming to Kunming, Is showing my quarantine certificate good enough ?

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