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Forums > Travel Yunnan > Traveling to China from the UK

Hey guys, has anyone recently traveled to China from England? I’ll be traveling very soon and I would appreciate if you folks could help me to understand the process, thanks a mil.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Volunteering in Kunming

Hey Fam, how is it going.

So, I have some spare time on my hands and would love to use it meaningful.

Being terrible at speaking Chinese, and not so well familiar with the activities around Kunming , would like to hear you all out on my subject.

Give me an idea of where or what I may be able to contribute.

Stay safe

Forums > Living in Kunming > Bank cards/accounts for abroad China

Hi guys, thanks for the comments. @JanJal if I had a card from back home I wouldn't be asking here this lol. @ Lemon lover Master and Visa can also be debit cards, and as I have mentioned that I am on a marriage visa, meaning I will not get a credit card, i do not work here i only stay.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Bank cards/accounts for abroad China

Hi Fam.

So I am traveling out of China in some time from now, will spend several months in Eu before coming back. Due to this I would like to get a bank card such as Master or Visa that I may use it in Eu or other places out of China. As a foreigner living in China have you had an experience in getting one of this kind a cards? If yes, please share me your experience that will be of a huge help to me. I am a foreigner married here on a temporary residence visa. Thanks a lot guys!


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