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Forums > Living in Kunming > Relocating from China and child vaccination?

It really gave me a different point of view on my situation your comments here,thank you so much. At first, i was thinking would be better to take it with me as my children have started vaccination with Chinese Vaccines but now i learn that it can be differently as well, once again thank you so much!

Forums > Living in Kunming > Relocating from China and child vaccination?

So we have decided with my wife that is time to move out from China and start our life in Central Europe. However, since our children have started to take the

vaccines here, and there are some more to follow in the next several months, we would like to take the vaccines and have the used in EU of course considering Exp. date and etc. Has anyone had a similar experience or perhaps an advice on the situation? Thanks!

Forums > Living in Kunming > VPN off the apple app store

Rumours are, even Google wants to make its way back to China Market (its new CEO) and is considering to fully obey (this time) the censure policy. Point is restrictions are getting way to serious.

PS: do not update your windows 10 (unlike me) cause Windows store as well has set restrictions for VPN so you might get surprised why your current VPN isn't working any longer or why when you download a new VPN will show you: The service is unavailable in your area.

From what i saw (and still researching), only certain telecommunication companies will be granted VPN service usage (upon review and consideration of course).


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