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Volunteering in Kunming

BlueBird (54 posts) • 0

Hey Fam, how is it going.

So, I have some spare time on my hands and would love to use it meaningful.

Being terrible at speaking Chinese, and not so well familiar with the activities around Kunming , would like to hear you all out on my subject.

Give me an idea of where or what I may be able to contribute.

Stay safe

michael2015 (723 posts) • 0

You may also want to consider the Kunming Rotary Club. They regularly host social responsibility events - such as regular support of the Kunming Orphanage.

bubblyian (47 posts) • 0

Join our English Corner at Green Lake every Thursday evening 8-10pm, lakeside, near Green Lake Hotel. All foreigners welcome! Usually 20-30 Chinese who are keen to practice English. Great fun and great way of meeting new friends! All ages welcome!

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