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Forums > Living in Kunming > Many Condo complexes (小区) are giving Covid testing

@fabey...not sure it is that simple. I have had six tests (mostly) in the afternoon (approx 4-6pm) and the results have taken between 5 and 16 hours to come through....
FYI This morning tried the bus to Walmart (Linyuqiao) - bus driver not interested in my covid test (or even health code!), nor at the entrance to the shopping centre or Walmart (just the health code), only on the subway coming back needed both covid test results and arrow.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Many Condo complexes (小区) are giving Covid testing

From the government's point of view, they believe they are sacrificing the minority's freedoms to protect the majority. The published data and the results from countries where they have completely removed restrictions shows that it is not the case. Unless the published data is false, the reverse is true - a small number of extremely ill people are the ones most at risk from covid. To protect this small number of seriously ill people, the majority are being subject to onerous restrictions. As a result, particularly young and/or single people, are suffering massive increases in depression and other mental illnesses. Also, people are being significantly damaged financially through lockdowns cutting off their financial income, with unknown but predictable consequences.



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I have visited Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen and Kunming is much better planned than any of those cities. It is also much cheaper to live in. The roads here are wide and almost all main roads have segregated cycle lanes. As a keen cyclist, it is far better to cycle here than in any of the other cities. It is also flat here and mostly low humidity. The high altitude also helps strengthen a healthy body and make you more resilient to infection - and makes you feel younger. Of course, there are less foreigners here than the other cities, so it is great being more popular!!! The locals here are much friendlier to foreigners than in the other cities, owing to our "curiosity" value. And of course the climate here is way better than the other cities. I have no idea why Kunming isn't number one best city to live in every year. I have travelled around the world to around 50 countries and Kunming is way better than any other city to live in for a retired foreigner!


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