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Don't worry! It's only for teaching kids during their compulsory 9 years - so primary school and middle school! Older teenagers and adults can still be taught!

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Yes, I've noticed that the second 'arrow' App doesn't work for me anymore. Every time I use the Metro I have to fill out my details on their paper form.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Teaching in Kunming/China

Teaching languages is very different from any other subject. Unless you have a really good reason for learning the language, you're only aim is to pass exams. Since it is taught on the basis of passing exams, not for communication or any other purpose, then students focus on written questions and answers. The joy of learning is killed by the boring formalised rote-learning approach as with all other subjects. Bringing the language alive, through actual communication with a native language-speaker is the way to make it interesting (and to show that it 'works'!). Since that cannot happen within the classroom structure, large class-sizes and lack of time, very few students ever develop an interest in the language as a living breathing meaningful subject. The few enthusiastic students (and many Chinese citizens who teach English!) come to my English Corners and I aim to reinforce their enthusiasm and encourage their language development by having a fun, challenging and interesting English language environment. But I'm retired and have the time and energy to do this, most foreigners don't.


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I have visited Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen and Kunming is much better planned than any of those cities. It is also much cheaper to live in. The roads here are wide and almost all main roads have segregated cycle lanes. As a keen cyclist, it is far better to cycle here than in any of the other cities. It is also flat here and mostly low humidity. The high altitude also helps strengthen a healthy body and make you more resilient to infection - and makes you feel younger. Of course, there are less foreigners here than the other cities, so it is great being more popular!!! The locals here are much friendlier to foreigners than in the other cities, owing to our "curiosity" value. And of course the climate here is way better than the other cities. I have no idea why Kunming isn't number one best city to live in every year. I have travelled around the world to around 50 countries and Kunming is way better than any other city to live in for a retired foreigner!


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