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Yes, I found a clinic that will vaccinate foreigners, but they need the Chinese medical insurance ("yi bao"). I offered cash and they said no. So I guess you need to be working here to get the medical insurance. In the press conference during the week, the Chinese foreign minister said "200,000 foreigners have been vaccinated in China".[...]

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2 child policy caused a small bump in the birth rate, the three child policy will produce an even smaller bump. This change only affects those who already have two children, not the vast majority who have no children and still don't want any. All over the developed world, they have the same problem. In Europe and US, they have opened the borders to allow large number of immigrants to enter and have loads of kids, causing other problems. China (and Japan where the collapse is faster) are not going to do that. It remains to be seen what the Chinese government will do to bolster the birth rate.....This policy change won't be the last!


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I have visited Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen and Kunming is much better planned than any of those cities. It is also much cheaper to live in. The roads here are wide and almost all main roads have segregated cycle lanes. As a keen cyclist, it is far better to cycle here than in any of the other cities. It is also flat here and mostly low humidity. The high altitude also helps strengthen a healthy body and make you more resilient to infection - and makes you feel younger. Of course, there are less foreigners here than the other cities, so it is great being more popular!!! The locals here are much friendlier to foreigners than in the other cities, owing to our "curiosity" value. And of course the climate here is way better than the other cities. I have no idea why Kunming isn't number one best city to live in every year. I have travelled around the world to around 50 countries and Kunming is way better than any other city to live in for a retired foreigner!


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