After the emergence of The Turtle Bar as the driving force on the Kunming night life scene in 2016, the Turtle Club represents the next generation of the Turtle franchise. Set to open it's doors on 2nd March 2018, TC promises to once again rewrite the Spring City party rule book.

With a supercharged sound system, fresh and cool decor, automated cloakroom and exclusive VIP section TC also boasts a fully stocked rare single malt selection, comprehensive high quality cocktail menu, and a full range of exotic meals and snacks, in so combining the energy of a full on club with the sophistication and relaxed vibe of a lounge bar.

With the addition of Kunming nightlife legend Alex Whu (previously from the Mask) to the veteran Turtle team, expect a cutting edge lineup featuring the finest Chinese and overseas DJ talent and an array of musical styles and themed events.

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Turtle Club [closed] • Jianshe Lu, Xiexin Tiandi, 1st floor, F06

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Atmosphere is good but the music is too loud, if you have a club at the same place, why wouldn't you play the loud music at the club and let the bar to chat and have some drinks with friends?

Also the Metal groups often ruin the night, giving you a headache.

It would be nice to have a small area for people who do not smoke, even if we all are at the same place it would make a small difference.

The food quality improved a lot, the pizzas now taste amazing, but the burgers are getting smaller and smaller, and the fries can be counted with one hand.

Another annoying thing is the Chinese people coming there just to play pool without spending a single RMB.

Overall, probably best place in Kunming to hang out with friends, but needs some improvements asap or some other places will take its place.


Lots of live music, dj's and other events catering to a nice mixed crowd of Chinese and foreigners. Always enthusiastic dancing when there is live music. The owners make an effort to create a safe and fun environment for everyone.


There aren't too many places for late night partying that can be called 'the last stop', but this is it. Atmosphere is almost always lively, but for me, the bar, the staff and the drinks are well done. I don't consider myself a fan of the music genre mostly, but I'm a fan of the people, the staff and the menu. Have had one too many good nights at Turtle Club.