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Hi Emily. Unfortunately, official GMAT tests do not seem to be provided in Kunming. Check out www.mba.com and the test registration page to find the closest sites (Hanoi, Chengdu, Chongqing). I assume these test centers also offer the GRE, but that I am less familiar with. Good luck!


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Li Ping fundraiser

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Thank you Colin for the time you took to write this, as well as everything else you have invested and done for Li Ping. Our heartfelt condolences to Li Ping's family and friends. I am sure that the fund in Li Ping's name will help save lives, and we are grateful for that. All the best.

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Baisha itself is less of a overwhelming tourist experience already, though visiting the Dabaoji is a must when walking through the quaint old town. The museum and buildings are kept well but are not yet kitschy. Worth the entrance fee just to see unspoiled history.


A modern take on old Lijiang architecture that doesn't stand out on its own, but makes up for a lack of uniqueness by quiet and pleasant surroundings and well-adorned comforts. The quality of service and amenities are fairly high, as you would expect from a Grand Hyatt. Similar value to the Pullman but just below Banyan Tree's experience.


Beautiful new cafe, coffee and honey place in the middle of Zheng Yi Fang. All organic products, with most of them available for sale. Great menu with healthy and tasty options. Only one food item available, but it's waffles with choice of toppings. I'm not a coffee drinker, but espresso was delicious. Well done interior space, including hand wall paintings by a monk, since the cafe is owned by a practicing Buddhist. Definitely worth multiple visits.


After opening in 2011, this small Italian restaurant has taken many steps backwards. Service is now slow, and the food took an hour to arrive and was under cooked. The space is somewhat cozy and boutique like, but given the prices, there just isn't enough value to recommend visiting. Our latest experience was finished off by the son of the owner deciding to drop his pants and 'water' the plant in the middle of the room.


Well deserved award to Cacao for 'Best New Restaurant' from the GoKunming Reader's Best of 2011. Great tasting, authentic Mexican cuisine. I can't help but crave their large nacho platter. Maybe the only place in town to get real jalapeños! If Cacao can alleviate minor problems with slower service and rare wrong orders, then it should contend for the "Best Fine Dining" award every year.