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I wanted to take this opportunity to step in, specifically to address a few ideas and comments.

For the most part, it seems as if the community would like GoKunming to exercise more moderation on topics and users that regularly take forums off topic or post with troll-like behavior. We will certainly delete threads and ban users that potentially damages our relationship with China, and thus our ability to service the community. I believe we should be more assertive on stopping off-topic or troll posts at their inception, and we will try. Sub-thread comments of the same nature can be ignored or down-voted, and thus haven't received more attention. In some threads there is a choice to not respond and some responses are only subjectively cynical or offensive. As many have pointed out, it is challenging to walk an objective line on judging all types of speech that should be allowed or disallowed, thus we have let the community decide. As we perhaps take a shift in policy to being more aggressive, we'll be seeking feedback.

If you see anything we miss for moderation, please report it via the contact form or start a conversation

within the site with user 'GoKunming'.

We do want to be active, principally consistent partners with the users and the community. GoKunming does not seek more traffic by allowing more asinine posts. We seek more quality posters and users. We all share the same vision for a site like this: to help people build better lives. To go a step further as another user pointed out, it is a goal to involve more of the community and promote more interaction. Countless more people use this site without ever interacting with its forums, or other content, and we want to engage them. So, taking inspiration from you all, some questions:

Some have stated that they do not regularly find useful information on GoKunming and thus do not recommend it. What kinds of info are we missing that you would like to see? Are there other modules, perhaps inspired by other sites, that the community wants to see added?

Are there services outside of our current online content that we could provide as a company for expats and English-speaking locals? Would any integration with WeChat be useful, and in what respects?

Any more criticisms (constructive if possible) are welcomed. While we as a company are quite busy with other projects, this second generation of manager/owners are passionate about making what we do better. Thanks everyone for your input!

Forums > Living in Kunming > GMAT/GRE Test centers?

Hi Emily. Unfortunately, official GMAT tests do not seem to be provided in Kunming. Check out and the test registration page to find the closest sites (Hanoi, Chengdu, Chongqing). I assume these test centers also offer the GRE, but that I am less familiar with. Good luck!


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Li Ping fundraiser

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Thank you Colin for the time you took to write this, as well as everything else you have invested and done for Li Ping. Our heartfelt condolences to Li Ping's family and friends. I am sure that the fund in Li Ping's name will help save lives, and we are grateful for that. All the best.

GoKunming was and always will be a free, open platform for information and news for Kunming, Yunnan, and beyond. We rely heavily on user input for our community calendar, and encourage everyone to submit to us noteworthy cultural and artistic events.

Suggestions and criticisms are always welcome via our Contact page: . Hope you enjoyed our photography!



There aren't too many places for late night partying that can be called 'the last stop', but this is it. Atmosphere is almost always lively, but for me, the bar, the staff and the drinks are well done. I don't consider myself a fan of the music genre mostly, but I'm a fan of the people, the staff and the menu. Have had one too many good nights at Turtle Club.


Quaint courtyard restaurant, more styled as a fusion of a Chinese home and a hacienda. Entertains an outdoor courtyard table space with simple furnishings. Food is a delicious mix of your typical Yunnan fare and is very reasonably priced. As is most often, the service level leaves something to be desired.


Baisha itself is less of a overwhelming tourist experience already, though visiting the Dabaoji is a must when walking through the quaint old town. The museum and buildings are kept well but are not yet kitschy. Worth the entrance fee just to see unspoiled history.


A modern take on old Lijiang architecture that doesn't stand out on its own, but makes up for a lack of uniqueness by quiet and pleasant surroundings and well-adorned comforts. The quality of service and amenities are fairly high, as you would expect from a Grand Hyatt. Similar value to the Pullman but just below Banyan Tree's experience.


After opening in 2011, this small Italian restaurant has taken many steps backwards. Service is now slow, and the food took an hour to arrive and was under cooked. The space is somewhat cozy and boutique like, but given the prices, there just isn't enough value to recommend visiting. Our latest experience was finished off by the son of the owner deciding to drop his pants and 'water' the plant in the middle of the room.