Contains an impressive collection of large mural paintings, some of which date back to the Ming dynasty. The frescos display a large variety of human and divine figures in different styles and patterns, and combine elements borrowed from Tibetan, Bai, Naxi and Han artistic traditions. Most scenes refer to religious tales and practices from both Taoism and Tibetan Buddhism. Entry is 30 yuan per person.

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  • NameDabaoji Palace
  • AddressBaisha Jie, Baisha Old Town, Lijiang
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Dabaoji Palace • Baisha Jie, Baisha Old Town

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Baisha itself is less of a overwhelming tourist experience already, though visiting the Dabaoji is a must when walking through the quaint old town. The museum and buildings are kept well but are not yet kitschy. Worth the entrance fee just to see unspoiled history.