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Foreigner dies in Kunming traffic accident?

JanJal (1202 posts) • 0

My wife picked up Chinese news mentioning a foreigner died in traffic accident in Kunming in last 24 hours. Anyone we know? R.I.P in any case.

tigertiger - moderator (5096 posts) • 0

There was a foreigner died just before the holidays. The police were ringing around the schools trying to identify who it might be. I have no further information, other than it was not one of our teachers.

Adrian (14 posts) • 0

These appear to be separate events, if there is credibility to the news story. Please keep us updated in this thread or by emailing us at team [at] gokunming [dot] com.

JanJal (1202 posts) • 0

My wife is trying to find the news article again - she read it in her phone earlier today.

From what she mentioned to me, the foreigner was driving a scooter and got overrun by garbage truck last night or early in the morning.

She remembers that the foreigner's Chinese name "杨怀" was mentioned.

OceanOcean (1193 posts) • +4

Those garbage trucks take no prisoners. The speed at which they reverse through my neighbourhood, they couldn't possible see a child or e-bike behind them.

scally (127 posts) • +5

Unfortunately, there is very little in the local news about this. The article that @JanJal shared has been republished verbatim in multiple media outlets, but no other details have been made public.

kevinkm2013 (5 posts) • +2

Iam kind of working for government, You know what? These fucking huge garbage trucks has already took away over 20 people's life in the recent five years, but the Kunming's government never consider to be strict with these drivers. moreover some of them said the trucks just endanger the low class with E-bike, DON'T WORRY!

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