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GMAT/GRE Test centers?

EmilyB (3 posts) • 0

Hi ~ I'm planning on taking the GMAT or GRE this year. I would love to not have to travel to do so. Does anyone have any information about test centers in Kunming? Any and all help appreciated! Thanks.

Adrian (14 posts) • +2

Hi Emily. Unfortunately, official GMAT tests do not seem to be provided in Kunming. Check out www.mba.com and the test registration page to find the closest sites (Hanoi, Chengdu, Chongqing). I assume these test centers also offer the GRE, but that I am less familiar with. Good luck!

b galipeau (48 posts) • +3

The GRE is administered in Kunming in a test center at Yunnan University's old/original campus near Green Lake and Wenhua Xiang.

Seats and availability for tests there are scarce though so early registration is a good idea.

EmilyB (3 posts) • 0

B galipeau & Adrian thanks so much. I’ll do the Kunming gre for sure, then, and maaaaybe journey to Chengdu or Vietnam for the gmat. All the programs I’m looking at take both, but I want to prove myself quantitatively. Anywho. Thank you all for the great info!

EmilyB (3 posts) • +1

Just updating this post for any future USA grad school applicants:
You cannot, as mentioned above, take the GMAT in Kunming. If you want to take the test in a different city you can register through the regular GMAT test website.

You CAN take the GRE in Kunming, however the registration website is not the regular ETS website. The website to register for the test at Yunnan University is: gre.etest.net.cn/login.do.

Amazon.cn has English language test prep materials for both tests.

Good luck

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