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Forums > Living in Kunming > Airport Busses/Flights on this rainy Friday?

From what I am hearing, flights are still leaving Changshui Airport on time. However, most or large parts of the roads leading there from the ground are flooded. The second ring road is still an option, but I am hearing plenty of cars sitting up there until the flooding subsides. Calling the airport would be the smartest option.

Forums > Living in Kunming > some suggested forum guidelines

We actually have had to step up moderation in recent months, deleting individual posts and/or locking entire threads on multiple occasions. There are some that barely see the light of day because they are promptly dismissed.

Obviously, there are guidelines for acceptable use of these forums and we are in the process of updating them. However, GoKunming has always been an open platform that relies heavily on user input for content, information, and community support. As we eventually transition GoKunming into a more in depth and broader site, self moderation will still be integral.

Thanks for your suggestions.

Forums > Living in Kunming > US Consulate Visit to Kunming

Thanks for spreading the word on this Colin. I had missed their last visit in November, and was forced to goto Chengdu just for a day for notarial services. I found them to be pleasant and quite helpful.


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Li Ping fundraiser

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Thank you Colin for the time you took to write this, as well as everything else you have invested and done for Li Ping. Our heartfelt condolences to Li Ping's family and friends. I am sure that the fund in Li Ping's name will help save lives, and we are grateful for that. All the best.

GoKunming was and always will be a free, open platform for information and news for Kunming, Yunnan, and beyond. We rely heavily on user input for our community calendar, and encourage everyone to submit to us noteworthy cultural and artistic events.

Suggestions and criticisms are always welcome via our Contact page: . Hope you enjoyed our photography!



There aren't too many places for late night partying that can be called 'the last stop', but this is it. Atmosphere is almost always lively, but for me, the bar, the staff and the drinks are well done. I don't consider myself a fan of the music genre mostly, but I'm a fan of the people, the staff and the menu. Have had one too many good nights at Turtle Club.


Quaint courtyard restaurant, more styled as a fusion of a Chinese home and a hacienda. Entertains an outdoor courtyard table space with simple furnishings. Food is a delicious mix of your typical Yunnan fare and is very reasonably priced. As is most often, the service level leaves something to be desired.


Baisha itself is less of a overwhelming tourist experience already, though visiting the Dabaoji is a must when walking through the quaint old town. The museum and buildings are kept well but are not yet kitschy. Worth the entrance fee just to see unspoiled history.


A modern take on old Lijiang architecture that doesn't stand out on its own, but makes up for a lack of uniqueness by quiet and pleasant surroundings and well-adorned comforts. The quality of service and amenities are fairly high, as you would expect from a Grand Hyatt. Similar value to the Pullman but just below Banyan Tree's experience.


After opening in 2011, this small Italian restaurant has taken many steps backwards. Service is now slow, and the food took an hour to arrive and was under cooked. The space is somewhat cozy and boutique like, but given the prices, there just isn't enough value to recommend visiting. Our latest experience was finished off by the son of the owner deciding to drop his pants and 'water' the plant in the middle of the room.