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I largely agree with you that it is not the dog but the owner that is the problem. But you have to realize that there is a correlation between them, like people that buy a Lamborghini are more likely to be involved in a high speed accident than people who buy a QQ.
The problem is that people that, let say, buy a pit bull terrier, usually are not doing so to prove that these are nice family dogs but do so for the reasons why these dogs are forbidden now.

An other point is that certain breeds which where OK before, like for example the various shepherd breeds, for whom I have as well have good experiences, I was allowed to walk a friend's shepherd when only 4 years old, have changed.
Many of these dogs are not any longer what they used to be. This because of unscrupulous breeding for commercial reasons. The nice and friendly shepherd I walked as a 4 year old is not the same as the shepherd my neighbor bought as a status symbol to go with his Cayenne.
For this reason I support banning breeds. Not because of the dogs but because of the owners.

Dandare, there is nothing particularly dangerous about these dogs. that is why breed bans literally don't work. any dog can be made aggressive if abused. that's why it's important to educate people on how to raise dogs instead of banning breeds. small dogs are actually a lot more aggressive than large breeds.

Kidnapping of a dog in our compound occurred yesterday. The dog was lured outside with a ham sausage and then taken off the compound. Security camera's showed all the action even of the kidnapping lady buying the ham sausage in the convenience store next to the compound.
The dog involved was an Akita, which is one of the forbidden dog breeds in Kunming. Apparently there still is a market for these dogs.

When I read the header I thought that is fast because last night the just visited me. Turned out the article is about the previous census ;-)

Just a friendly notice.

The once in a decade national census is upon us. Local governments have already deployed census workers to local communities in Kunming. Census workers have begun knocking on doors to collect information from household occupants, be it landlords or tenants. Expect a knock on the door from a stranger, if not already. They will be persistent, so best open the door.

This massive information gathering will continue for coming days and weeks. Census workers will check IDs/passports, ask various questions, and will require supplemental paper form to be filled in Chinese. (e.g. input home country address if a foreigner).

The door-to-door household verification census process, with cooperation with PSB if need be, is intended for all Chinese citizens as well as for foreigners. So if you feel wary of the sudden intrusion by public workers, rest assured, this national consensus is not in any way or form targeting foreigners in China. These population data are used for national policy making in Beijing.

Hi there, so interesting these photos, thankyou so much for sharing.
But there are too small to really appreciate them, is there any publication where they can be appreciated in their proper size?

Yunnan isn't the only place these sea gulls migrate to. For the generations of gulls that arrive to Kunming every winter for decades, they've relied on human feeding (for better or for worse). Scavenging may work where food is in abundance in the wild. Particularly during seasons where food supplies flourish in their feeding habitat. That natural food source is unavailable here in the city for the majority as population numbers perpetuate.

In light of their recent arrival, public health experts have announced guidelines to protect us and our avian friends. To avoid risk of cross contaminating the gull species, do not come into direct contact while feeding. The mink fur farm in Utah where thousands of mink perished from Covid outbreak is case in point. Wash hands thoroughly if the birds (or their droppings) are accidentlly touched.

They have been around for about 3 weeks now. They would manage even if people didn't feed them, they are scavengers and survive the rest of the year without human input. I also doubt that they only visit Kunming.