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Thanks for the great article. I'll be looking forward to part II.

We did the mini Kora in April and rarely ran into anyone else on the path beyond the Milk Lake. Apart from us, at the Amphitheater campsite, there were only another group of four hikers who came with a guide. They went in the opposite direction the next morning and we enjoyed having the place by ourselves for a few hours. I cannot imagine having a hundred other hikers camping there. That's absolutely crazy!!

We plan on doing the Big Kora one day. Your story is a wonderful inspiration indeed.

What is a non-traditional Yunnan eatery? Why are these 'traditional'?

Limited transmission capacity is another issue facing these hydro renewable power sources.

Local transmission companies would rather take on cheaper, coal-fired power providers in lieu. Leaving low grid connectivity for these hydropower resources. "Curtailment" is the industry jargon for their poor access to the power market. Clean hydropower wastage ensues.

Beijing announced today to setup renewable power quotas. Mandating local governments to give renewable electricity sources priority grid access. The goal is to reduce wastage rates by 12% in 2019. 5% in two years.

Would it be entirely far-fetched to assume this lawsuit was somehow funded by competing coal industries as a mean of regaining leverage in the regional power market? Using own EPA-kryptonite to fight against their nemesis? Not so much peafowl as foul play. When it comes to business, murky policies sometimes flow with the money stream.