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If u look on a certain historical semantic on asian societies, from tantric buddhism to hinduism, and see where kings and queens been buried that may work as a tool for finding the location for the dali and nanzhao kings. Look at the symbolism of rivers and mountains (shibaoshan in yunnan). Which river would be most holy? Where is the confluence? Where is Mt Meru....

Agreed. Far too many cars around. I never understood why people who live in cities want to own them. I rent cars occasionally when I want to drive in the countryside and I might buy one if I lived in a remote area but owning one in a city is just self defeating. I guess it's just a keeping up with the Jones's thing

Actually, renting out cars rather than selling them might limit their unnecessary use, although instituting such a system would probably require a massive change in the global economy.

Note Jim's website and his numerous books and articles, available at Mandarin Books and/or through the website. In addition to what we see on gokunming there is at least one novel and a long poem on the Long March and God knows what else - he periodically surprises me with stuff I hadn't known existed. Also about a million photos.

No personal criticism intended, but the phrase 'car obsession' is accurate and global, with obvious effects everywhere.
Yunnanyi: any traces of the old WWII airstrip?