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For Tiger Leaping Gorge and Haba Snow Mt you might find some useful info at I'm not aware of any local mountaineering contact. I do have aerial photos of Haba, TLG and parts of Jade Dragon S.M. If they might be of interest you can pm me.


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As of November 2020, Tiger Leaping Gorge is closed for road construction. According to guest houses in the area, all tourism and trekking in the gorge is shut down until at least spring 2021.

For those who may be interested, my trekking guide to Haba Snow Mountain is now online at (proxy required).

The Haba-Bendiwan Route shown on the map passes through the mining area. It will be covered in a future article in the series. In the past I was concerned about hiking the area due to the use of explosives. In 2018 while in Bendiwan I heard blasts up above and saw dust clouds rising in the air. As of 2019, the mine is reported to be shut down permanently after fifty years in operation. The Haba Snow Mountain Provincial Nature Preserve took credit for shutting it down, due to environmental concerns, which I learned about from a Preserve employee. I saw no mine workers anywhere while passing through. You don't want to drink from any streams in the area. They are polluted by mine tailings and take on a milky coloration. Water pipes high on the mountain bring down clean water to villages in the gorge. I passed such pipes at 3,900 meters and they ran up the slope even higher than that.


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