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Increased anti-foreigner sentiment?

GoKunming (161 posts) • +1

We've received some reports from foreigners being randomly stopped by police, and incident where someone was refused on the subway. There have been a couple of incidents where foreigners were refused entry to a park or a mall. No issues with entry to xiao qus even though every xiao qu has a different level of control measures implemented: sometimes registering when coming or going, sometimes temperature checks, sometimes nothing.

It is not compulsory to produce a 'health certificate' so I would emphasize that when it happens, and report it here so we get an idea of how often this happens.

We will call the mayor hotline again if it becomes a regular occurrence but so far it's been limited to a few incidents.

tigertigerathome (117 posts) • 0

If you haven't already done so, contact the xiaoqu management of the new place and ask if they will require it. If they do need it already having it will prevent hold ups with you physically moving in.

AlPage48 (1243 posts) • 0

Thanks tigertiger.

We're just getting the keys this coming Thursday, with move probably happening after 2-3 weeks.

I'd like to see what happens when we show up on Thursday.

My wife and step daughter are both Canadian citizens, but being born in China makes them look different from me.

hanshan (31 posts) • 0

A friend of me is looking for new apartment and he was refused to enter to many xiao qu. he aleays had passport with him and come with the agent from rent offices, sometimes with Chinese friend as well. These issues happend in the last two weeks.

They dont want see any prove from his passport or so, just say no foreigner can entry for visit.
Me and him as well we got extra check in subway and police there check our passports and keep ask strange questions like if we just arrived from abroad or not...(how can ask if my stamp in passport from last entry is 9 months ago).
Really interesting :).
I mean I can understand people on street can feel unsafe when see laowai since there is recently number of not very cool articles abt foreigner on wechat or so. But why security of xiao qus do that.

AlPage48 (1243 posts) • +1

I had a good chat with my Chinese born wife and (step) daughter while we were driving out to see our new apartment today.

I had told them about this thread on GoKunming and the responses being heard about anti-foreign sentiment.

Anyway, here's what happened to me today:
On arrival at the new xiao qu we first had to navigate past the gate guard and get directions to the office.

He simply unlocked the entry for us and gave directions.

No scan, no temperature, no request for id or travel history.

Next stop was the office.

Wife and daughter did all the business since I don't speak Chinese.

One of the young ladies in the office went to the water machine and got water for me, without asking if I needed it.

I was shown typical Kunming hospitality.

On the way back to our current apartment I did comment on their nice behavior.

My wife then told me she had mentioned the anti-foreign response reported in other communities.

The reply she got from the officer workers in our new place was that foreigners are only blocked at immigration, not moving.

This seems to confirm the feeling that blocking people seeking a new home is simply a localized misunderstanding of the rules.

Liumingke1234 (3297 posts) • 0

Today the temperature check and the scanning of the QR has been cancelled(my wife said the government posted this). I was wondering why the security guards was just letting people in without those checks. Everything is slowly going back at least in Kunming.

AlPage48 (1243 posts) • 0

I was surprised that we didn't get scanned when we went out to see our new apartment, but on return to the old place the scan and temp check was still happening.
Government announcements seem to take a while to filter down to everywhere.

herenow (354 posts) • +1

Prompted at least in part by the bad behavior of a few foreigners elsewhere in the country, feelings appear to be running high among some on Chinese social media. We should all be paying extra attention to our surroundings when out and about.[...]

bubblyian (42 posts) • 0[...]

Blaming foreigners makes no sense as since 28 March, the only people allowed into China are Chinese people. Now that 14 days has passed since the ban was introduced, no new cases can be related to foreigners after quarantine - unless the 14 day quarantine is not enough to detect asymptomatic cases.

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