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Regarding the time from taking the sample to running the test, it might be worth checking if a hospital near you has their own laboratory on site. The hospital where I normally get tested has a mobile lab in a trailer parked on their grounds, and they usually deliver results in 4 to 5 hours after the sample is taken.

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Countries sometimes prosecute citizens for crimes committed abroad -- for example, in the case of sex tourism. So since the owner is Australian, it could be worthwhile to research the relevant Australian wage theft / forced labor laws. Then depending on what you find, you may be able to credibly tell him that if he continues to withhold your salary, you will file a criminal complaint against him for violation of [such-and-such law].

You might also contact an Australian attorney about suing the owner in civil court there, as I would bet he has assets in country. Of course you will need to weigh the time and cost involved against what you stand to recover, and those factors will vary depending on whether an attorney will work on a contingency basis, whether punitive damages are possible in excess of the base amount of wages at issue, complications relating to jurisdiction, etc. But at a minimum, a letter of demand from an Australian law firm (or even just telling the owner you have contacted legal counsel there) could be enough to persuade him to see reason.

IANAL and the other standard disclaimers.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Are you having a problem with booze?

While relatively few people here drink in bars that are visible from the street, this can create a misimpression that alcohol plays less of a role in society than it actually does. A lot of drinking takes place in cloistered spaces like private dining rooms in the back of / on the second floor of restaurants, private KTV rooms, etc.


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@sean1: The thing is that it's a weak field, so I don't really support anyone in particular enough to sing their praises. But Buttigieg (fake), Biden (senile) and Klobuchar (bully) are all just blatantly awful. I suppose I could live with Sanders, Warren or even Bloomberg, although they each have serious flaws.

As far as Pete's donor stats, yeah, a lot of people seem to have been bamboozled, which is disappointing to see. And I don't think the fact that he's the poorest candidate gives any reassurance that he won't cater to the interests that have ravaged the country over the past generation. Maybe the opposite.

Also, while I am not a huge fan of Sanders and therefore am reluctant to carry water for him, I don't think the UK results necessarily translate to the US. Corbyn was abysmally unpopular, due in large part to his humorlessness, links to violent extremists and allowing anti-Semitism to fester within his party. Sanders has none of those faults and polls as the most popular active political figure in the US. Plus Labour's traditional electorate was fractured by the all-important Brexit issue, and there is no comparably powerful wedge issue at stake in the US.

@viyida wrote: "MAD (mutual assured destruction) leverage"

An oxymoron. MAD is bi-directional, hence the "mutual". Both sides have reduced leverage over each other under MAD, because threats to use conventional force have low credibility in light of the extreme risks involved.

cloudtraprezer wrote: "宣传部宣"

Turn that smile upside down, sezuwupom. Expressing positive sentiments about fast, comfortable, affordable and environmentally-sustainable new rail connections is not allowed by the comments police. Anyone who is not sufficiently glum will be ridiculed.



Grace is staffed by American doctors and, in my experience, provides the same level of expertise and standard of care that you would expect to find in a good clinic in the U.S. I highly recommend them.