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Are you having a problem with booze?

Flying Horse (12 posts) • 0

Is your drinking costing you more than money?

Just to let you know that if you need someone to talk to who has also had this problem, and may have a solution that will work for you too, please send me an email.

DanDare (141 posts) • 0

Bars attract people with alcohol and tobacco dependencies. Local bars attract locals, expat bars attract expats. For every big nose hanging around in bars, there are many others sitting at home that you don't ever see and would not be aware of.

duke is me (62 posts) • 0

The China where I have never seen one person drinking a beer in public, ever, & where bars (not restaurants) hardly exist..

JanJal (1203 posts) • 0

I believe Chinese drinking habits (as opposed to drinking habits elsewhere) constitute number one reason why "China is so civilized".

It is because of consumption of alcohol (on many of occasions that typically take place here) giving a platform to learn keeping the face.

How much you can control yourself and your friends when intoxicated, is directly proportional to how much you can control yourself and your friends sober.

If Chinese didn't drink so much (on average), they would get less practice on this and it would go all down from there.

duke is me (62 posts) • 0

My 1st year in KM was spent on walking tours of the city, where I never encountered a bar of local drinkers.. Maybe they are tucked away; hidden like an opium den?

By a civilized, sober society, I am comparing with Europe & the U.S, so the bar is fairly low..
Night & day..

rejected_goods (349 posts) • +1


For the benefit of those who still yet to read Chinese, it said, “in the first half of 2019, there were 900 thousand drink drivings reports, among the 900k 177k were found to be drunk driving. And the death tolls, your guess?:-)

There are more alcoholics and assorted problems than you think. :-)

Personally, I do have a drinking problem, I don’t have enough:-) that is. Hahahah 茅台is very expensive, I can’t afford them. Simple. Any help appreciated. Hahaha

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