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Forums > Living in Kunming > Registering foreigners' religious activities

i would have thought, worshiping and be faithful to a unary living god and every one, kindergarten included, is requires to read the living god's words that, " talk the walk and walk the talk" the great man's thought should constitute a religion. i wonder. :-) :-)

Forums > Living in Kunming > Demolition of 15 Apartment Buildings

when RESIDENTIAL property development/investment has been navigating into a ponzi scheme, the result is easy for all to see. :-) by the way, is it a proper comparison to compare japan and china when it comes to the phenomenum of "akiya"? most japanese akiya are free hold, just to mention one factor in many other differences. :-)

Forums > Living in Kunming > Demolition of 15 Apartment Buildings

if one really understands property development, one would have realized that most apartment of best views are pre-allocated, with no or minimal outlay, to some mandarins who has the power to make or break a development. hahahha, flatting those high rises would remove evidence of those questionable deals and would save life too. hahhahaha

Forums > Living in Kunming > Teaching in Kunming/China

what happen lately in shanghai tells you something about the latest trend. electricity of a bookshop was cut by authority while it is trading and the shop was packed with parents amassing foreign language textbooks. customers were told to leave the bookshop and shelves of foreign language textbook were clear. the door of the bookshop now remains shut. the reason given was, i heard, those books being cleared are published without copyrights. the interesting thing was, the shop has been selling those copyrights infringed copies for decades. hahahhahahhahah


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yes, Anonymous C. it is Foshan, thank you. it is the pm2.5 that makes the story. here in foshan, it reads 106 micrograms and 180 micrograms lately. where in Shunde the reading reads 202. keeping in mind that below 25 is considered safe by WHO, I believe. :-)
on API, in "99 percent urbanised" hong kong where I visit often, the api can get up to 207. makes me wonder. :-)

I believe it is the dirty industries coupled with the lack of enforcement of environmental laws that are the problem. I am now in Fushan in the southern part of china in Guangdong, there is little farming (agriculture) left in this part of china but fish, pig and poultry farming, but the air pollution is choking because of the concentration of industries and the curtains of high rising buildings. if one remembers the Beijing Olympics, the gov ordered shutting down industries around Beijing in neighbouring provinces during the games, that made a difference even the air was still bad. with that perception of mine, I don't think the small farmers shouldn't be held responsibility for the problem. admittedly it helps if the small farmers can afford to pay more attention to new technology and practices.

the People's Web is tightly controlled by the party propaganda machinery. if the documentary could go "viral" without the machinery "noticed", there must be "something" at work. Now, the trivial. The report's daughter is an American because she was born in the USA. so whose money that was spent on the documentary, is not the issue.

yes, there is a "quiet censorship" going on. the local media have been told ( a phone call from the Propaganda chief ) to keep the subject in a low key - meaning no more mention of it a day after the documentary hit the screen. so... no, the gov will put gdp in front of anything else at this juncture when the economy is slowing. :-)


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