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Forums > Living in Kunming > Renter anti-scam Protection

Along the lines of cloudtrapezer's suggestion: if you work for a large employer, you might see if they can bring their institutional weight to bear on your behalf. In schools and universities, for example, this kind of problem is obviously the province of the Foreign Affairs Office.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Renter anti-scam Protection

Plus foreigners' chances of prevailing in court are generally slim at best. It's literally better to set the money on fire rather than pay attorneys, since at least that way you will avoid losing the time involved in pursuing a lawsuit.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Transferring cash out of China

Ocean, that is mostly correct -- I believe the cap is 70% of your annual income. I have transferred funds exceeding the usual thresholds within the last few months.

To recap what I wrote previously on this thread, you need to show the bank three documents: your current employment contract, a certificate of monthly income (收入证明) from your employer, and a tax payment certificate (税收完税证明) from the government tax office.

You should obviously bring the two employer documents when you go to get the tax payment certificate. I don't have the exact address of the tax office, but if memory serves, it is in an office tower on Sanheying Lu just off of Dongfeng Xi Lu.


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@sezupom wrote: "My only critique is the name "pain campagnard"... such a added-value fancy way of saying country bread to mark up the price of bread."

"Pain campagnard" (or more commonly "pain de campagne") is a specific name used by bakeries in France for a particular type of bread. Just calling something "country bread" in English could mean anything.