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You might be able to use selective tunneling, which accesses Chinese sites directly while tunneling only foreign sites -- check your vipien software's options to see if your service offers this. Depending on your provider, the option may be called something like "site filter" or "smart mode".

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For those viewing this thread years in the future, please know that cloudtrapezer was responding to a weird now-deleted spam post which began with the words "Electric shavers excite me".

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Trumpster wrote "An innocent finger slip during registration ..."

This has the makings of a politically charged rom-com. One day you may find yourself living happily ever after in Nebraska.


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@viyida wrote: "MAD (mutual assured destruction) leverage"

An oxymoron. MAD is bi-directional, hence the "mutual". Both sides have reduced leverage over each other under MAD, because threats to use conventional force have low credibility in light of the extreme risks involved.

cloudtraprezer wrote: "宣传部宣"

Turn that smile upside down, sezuwupom. Expressing positive sentiments about fast, comfortable, affordable and environmentally-sustainable new rail connections is not allowed by the comments police. Anyone who is not sufficiently glum will be ridiculed.