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Sending stuff from KM

sunsplat (1 post) • 0

Stuck in Cambodia all year and locked out of China until at least October. I need my guitar to regain my sanity. What’s the best/safest way to get stuff sent here? All suggestions welcome.

DanDare (89 posts) • +4

Not sure if there is a good way to send a guitar through normal channels cheap. It may be cheaper to buy a guitar there.

Suggestions for sanity, way out to left field suggestion. Buy a ukulele, a new challenge to learn. Michael Palin carries his around the world. Small enough to get on a plane without a fuss. You could easily bring it back to Kunming afterwards, and you have a new instrument for your collection.

JanJal (1060 posts) • 0

Although, if ones sanity is already in a downward spiral, the last thing he would need is some depressing ukulele music.

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