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Solar Eclipse

Wendy528 (18 posts) • +1

Cloud wasn't in the way. Saw eclipse like 15 minutes ago. Dimmed sky followed by a cresent sun. Blinding Lights weeknd, lol

Thanks Ocean for literal heads up!

kc430kc430 (78 posts) • 0

I had special eclipse viewing glasses from the 2017 total eclipse of the sun. It was fun going around the neighborhood, inviting people to view today's partial eclipse phenomenon safely. Quite a few oohs and ahs. A few people had no interest at all. I always made sure to tell folks, "Don't look at the sun directly, use these special glasses."

That 2017 total eclipse was really special. I stood on a high hill and actually saw the dark shadow of the moon racing toward us, and then racing away. Once in a lifetime!

kc430kc430 (78 posts) • 0

And I learned a new word today, 日食. Literally means "sun meal" as in the moon eats away the sun.

Mildred (14 posts) • 0

Luckily Kunming got to see most of it on which was a mostly cloudy day. It was a hot day but you could feel the heat lessen and the light dulled for a while. Difficult to see without special lenses. These events are always special!

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