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Returning from Thailand

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That would make sense, as you would both be seen as part of two separate groups, and would be managed as such to avoid cross infection. It would just be easier to manage if there are no exceptions.

Bram_ovic (1 post) • +6

Thailand to Kunming via Xishuangbanna

When: 12 March 2020

Quarantined: no
Asked for self - quarantiaine : no

I can share the following from my own experience on 12.03.2020, flying from Chiangrai, thailand to Xishuangbanna and then on to Kunming same day. I stayed only a few days in Thailand as it was a transit from Indonesia. My nationality is Dutch.

Before boarding

- No secial arrangements except careful passport checking as my residence permit was about to expire.
- Both the check in desk as well ad the depature gate was ont the far end of the airport.
- Temperature was checked
- Qr code had to be scanned and registered. You out your phonenumber and validate it by a code.

On board

- Ruili airlines, handing out the two forms that needed to be fill in. Convenient to fill in on board.

The forms:
A. Covid 19 personal health declaration form
B. Exit/Entry health declaration form

- Plane was about 50% full

On arrival in Xisguangbanna

- while all passengers were waiting to disembark, 2 persons in protection suits entered the cabin and everybody was asked to take their seat again. They came straight to me (the only foreigner as far as i could judge) and at least one other person few rows behind me. I guess we were selected based on nationality and probably travel history.

I was ordered to leave the plane first and brought to a seperate area for investigation by two people in protection suits, gloves, glasses. I do not know if all passengers had their tenpersture checked as well in the plane after.

Another temperature check was done under the arm. There was about 10 other staff around. One guy, translated where needed and the same forms were filled in once more but in Chinese. Basically my whole travel history of the past month was collected and more in detail my travels within Thailand before my flight.

Eventhough i was allowed to go to passport control two times , still there were minor changes twice and they hold me longer. Later 3 more girls were checked. Apparently one of them was coughing or used to cough or maybe she declared that on the paper, not sure. They told me i had to wait so she was cleared. She got extra checks, also by an additonal nurse arriving by ambulance.

All in all it took about 1 hour before moving on to passport control, and I have to mention that the Xishuangbanna staff was extemely friendly and pleasant and keeping me up to date on the "why's" all the time.

My phone number was verified and i was asked to be reachable for follow up call(s).

Passport check was normal except that my complete passport was checked from first to last page - every visa, every stamp. And this twice. Explanations were given by me where necessary.

After this, i could proceed and got the entry stamp.

I was NOT told or asked to keep self-quarantaine at any point in time. Nor was I taken to quarantaine at arrival.

Before boarding to Kunming

- temperature check
- scanning the QR at the gate or filling out forms. I was told in the plane, but I never saw them.

On board

- plane was full
- no service

On arrival in Kunming

- after desembarking scanning the QR again or fill our the form.
- after telling that i did all of it in Xishuangbanna, there was no need to do again.
- after receiving luggage, and before exiting, one guy was collecting the health forms. After i said again that i did it in Xishuangbanna , I could go.
- Should you fly into Kunming straight from abroad, i guess you get the form either in the plane or after landing and hand it in before leaving the terminal.

Then , in Kunming, metro was working and you have to register with the QR core again or have a lady write down your name and telephone. Or take a taxi :).

I hope this experience is useful for future incoming travelers. However, regulations can change quickly, obviously.

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I see that Bram_ovic was returning from Chiang Rai.

That's a smaller city and probably doesn't have much in the way of virus cases (yet).
I'd like to hear also from people, if any, returning from Chiang Mai and Bangkok.

The majority of Thailand's virus cases are in Bangkok so that may prompt a greater likelihood of containment on return.

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"Thailand to demand all visitors present medical certificates

Thailand from Sunday will ask all visitors, regardless of nationality, to present medical certificates declaring they have tested negative for coronavirus, enforcing a draconian requirement for a country whose economy relies heavily on tourism.

The move comes after Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha said that Thailand was preparing for a possible “third-stage” or wider outbreak of coronavirus that would require a national lockdown.

Thailand’s Civil Aviation Authority last week began requiring people arriving from countries the government classified as “disease infected zones” hit hardest by Covid-19, including China, South Korea, Italy and Iran to present medical certificates.

“This will now include all countries to minimise infection so we can control it,” Mr Prayuth said on Thursday in remarks quoted by Thai media.

Thailand on Thursday reported 60 new coronavirus cases, the biggest daily jump yet, bringing the total to 272."

(John Reed reports from Bangkok)

bubblyian (15 posts) • +2

Arrived from Chiang Mai Sat 14 March. My experience on the flight and arrival at Kunming similar to above. I was separated from my Chinese girlfriend and taken off the plane first with another foreigner and some other Chinese people. I kept in touch with my gf via wechat so realised that they were waiting for the results of our tests before releasing the rest of the passengers. Kunming airport empty. Only international flights were from Vientiane and Luang Prabang in Laos, Sikhanouville Cambodia and Rangoon Myanamar. We were cleared to return on the metro no problem - just 3 hour delay. Flight landed 5pm, out at 8pm. BUT my Xiaoqu insisted on 14 day home quarantine and gave us a thermometer to check twice per day. THEN on 18th morning we got a call to say we had to go to the quatrantine hotel that evening! Then a few hours later, we got a message saying we didn't have to go after all. Then late in the evning we got another call saying we did have to go that evening. I got angry with them (in Chinese) and eventually agreed on going on 19th at 2pm. Bizarrely, we were told to make our own way across the city to the hotel!!! We are now in the hotel for ten nights (they appear to agree that our self-isolation for 5 nights should count towards the 14 days, but because their checkout time is 12 noon and we arrived Kunming airport at 5pm we have to stay another day. Now in isolation in the quarantine hotel - 140rmb for the room (both me and gf) plus 60 each for food plus 200 deposit.
They did a swab test of the back of our throats soon after arrival, but otherwise two temp checks a day is the only visits, so far......So it looks like they are rounding up people who arrived in Kunming in the 14 days prior to the rules changing on 16-18 and putting them in quarantine AFTER they have already been in the city for many days!!! Bizarre!!! Anybody else have the same experience?

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Lucky you can do it at home,

arrived recently and they shoved me into a hotel quarintine and I had to pay 3000 rmb + no meals offered , if you have no money to buy the expensive hotel foods you may as well starve.

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DanTheMan, very informative write-up including pictures. Thank you for taking the time to document your experience with attention to details. GoK should post it somewhere more visible on this site.

Yes, that 1250 rmb hospital stay was a bit steep. The fee could have been much worse, say, in the States. I hope your swab test returns negative. Good luck. Thailand cases are now spiking (188 new cases today), so good time to be back.

Re-posting your journal link here:


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