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Returning from Thailand

DanTheMan (619 posts) • +1

^Yes, I have had four swab tests so far. They only told me the results of two, which were both negative. I'm assuming if either of the other two had come back positive, I would have heard about it.

DanTheMan (619 posts) • +4

IF YOU GET SENT TO HOSPITAL UPON ARRIVING IN KUNMING FROM ABROAD.... make sure you get all of the records from your hospital stay, espcially a stamped statement that you have been tested x times for coronaviurs and found negative and have been free of fever for x days and when you get to your qurantine hotel, you need to stop at the first checkpoint and show the paperwork to the authorities there and make sure they agree to get all of the fever-free days of your hosptial stay deducted in advance from your hotel stay. Once you pass this first checkpoint and go to the hotel check-in, you will be dealing mostly with hotel staff and it will be much more difficult to adjust the duration of your hotel quarantine.

faohi421 (11 posts) • 0

What is your eating situation like at the designated quarantine hotel? Is it possible to order Salvador's via Meituan?

AlPage48 (1355 posts) • 0

Returning from Thailand continues to become less of an issue as it becomes more difficult to get there.
In addition to the previously announced health certificate it appears there is now an additional requirement for insurance.


"Travellers to Thailand have to now show authorities a health certificate, issued no more than 72 hours before travelling, confirming that they have been tested and are free from the virus. They must also present an insurance policy showing minimum coverage for coronavirus of not less than US$100,000."

I was unable to find this new requirement for insurance on the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand website.

AlPage48 (1355 posts) • 0

Effective today, Thailand has banned all foreigners from entering the country. Thai citizens in other countries are still permitted to return so that may explain the currently scheduled flight tomorrow of Kunming Airlines to Bangkok.


bubblyian (91 posts) • +2

In answer to Faohi, my current experience in the quarantine hotel is that the food is provided (we have paid 60/person/day). No choice. Three meals. Breakfast mostly spicy noodles so I cannot eat it. Lunch and dinner are ok - boiled rice, veg and some meat. some spice, but not all, so safe to eat. I brought some other food with me to top up so I am ok. I have not tried asking for non-spicy. Also not asked for outside delivery as sufficient provided. Also two bottles of water each included each day.

AlPage48 (1355 posts) • 0

This new rule preventing foreigners from entering is just like the Thai rule.

Both still permit their own citizens to come from virus infected areas and those people can still bring in the virus.

DanDare (141 posts) • +2

Restrictions look more comprehensive and do affect Chinese people. The measures will severely restrict the flow of people into and out of China.
"Other measures include restricting foreign airlines to a single route, with no more than one weekly flight. Each Chinese airline is permitted one route to any specific country with no more than one flight a week."

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