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Forums > Living in Kunming > Convection Oven

10 years ago I bought a convection oven in a kitchen market.

The place is gone. Anyone know where to get an Electrolux convection oven these days. thank you.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > mountain biking

I would recommend riding with some of the guys from the Specialized shop opposite Metro. They do rides every week some mountain some road. They are great guys I rode with them before I moved to Shangri-la. One of my favorites is Snake Hill behind the Kunming cigarette factory on Longquan Lu. An amazing 360 view of Kunming at the top.

There is also a nice shop behind the Kunming sports stadium.


Forums > Living in Kunming > renting a car in Kunming

I just rented a Pajero from a place down here near the airport. 350 a day 3000 deposit. Really nice folks. There are loads of places around town. this is his # 13095339550. There are also a few on Bei Chen Da Dao near the Metro. You will need a Chinese license.


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