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mountain biking

slabo (55 posts) • 0

Also check out the shop on the corner of Dianchi and Xinyuan road, south-west of Kunming, near 2nd ring road. They rent bikes, and they have some nice bikes. They had 3 road Bianchi's on sale. And they had alot of mountain bikes.
For an easy ride, good road and not many cars, go to the very end of Remin West road. Its never busy there, and the road is new. Plus, for some reason, its lit at night!

detroitweb (7 posts) • 0

I would recommend riding with some of the guys from the Specialized shop opposite Metro. They do rides every week some mountain some road. They are great guys I rode with them before I moved to Shangri-la. One of my favorites is Snake Hill behind the Kunming cigarette factory on Longquan Lu. An amazing 360 view of Kunming at the top.

There is also a nice shop behind the Kunming sports stadium.


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