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Returning from Thailand

Shach (5 posts) • 0

Does anyone know how/where to obtain a health certificate here in Kunming to fly to Thailand?

AlPage48 (1208 posts) • +1

It would be good to hear from people who have actually made the trip both ways between Kunming and Thailand

I would like to hear their experiences with:
1. Getting the health certificate
2. Quarantine on arrival in Thailand
3. Quarantine on return to Kunming.

I did notice last night that Kunming Airlines had cancelled yesterday's flight to Bangkok.

SpartansSpartans (183 posts) • 0

I'm facing a similar situation, I am in Thailand right now and I will fly to Kunming on the 20th of March,.
But the thing is, I don't have an address in kunming., I live in Wenshan, which is an hour away from kunming

Are they gonna isolate or quarintine me in kunming then , I heard if you don't have an address in kunming it's 5.000RMB

to stay at a local hospital or hotel. I also do not have that money, so what are they gonna do? Allow me to go to my apartment in Wenshan or jail/deport me?
I hope they can allow me to take the bullet train to my apartment in Wenshan where I can remain in isolation safely.

AlPage48 (1208 posts) • 0

My wife has joined the local community group and gets constant updates from the local police liason officer.
Apparently if I had made the trip to Thailand as originally planned - without my wife, then on my return to Kunming I would be quarantined separately from her.
I have no idea how to confirm that fact.

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