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Forums > Living in Kunming > Where do the Gulls Go at Night?

Sorry to burst your bubbles but the video has been debunked. As pointed out in the reporting by the local news station, there are no tropical trees in Zhaotong as shown in the video, also the accent is clearly not Yunnanhua.

On a side note, this examplifies what is wrong with the (mis)information age that the internet has brought us. When you take away the gatekeepers of information, every Tom, Dick, and Harry can pass off anything as legitimate and well meaning people pass it on, furthering its air of legitimacy.[...]

Forums > Living in Kunming > GoKunming feedback...

For the record, it was supposed to be "Trumpeter" as in, I play the trumpet. An innocent finger slip during registration has resulted this farcical, yet totally unfortunate handle that I shall never live down.

Forums > Living in Kunming > GoKunming feedback...

To use a football analogy, soccer for you Americans, if the ref gives you yellow card and you keep arguing with the ref, guess what will happen, you get a red card.

The problem with the people making arguments against set policies is the false believe that they have a say in the matter, you don't. Rules are rules, take your arguments private via the messaging system, don't clutter up the forums. Act like adults and stop whining. Provide your feedback for or against through the contact forms. There is nothing more to discuss so I hope the issue can be put to bed although I know my prayers will be unanswered.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Maternity leave

There's theory, then there's practice. What JanJal said is correct, Chinese labor laws apply to foreigner's exactly the same as they do to Chinese nationals. Having legal rights and exercising those rights are two different matters, however.

You can demand maternity leave but what is to stop them from not paying you? Do you have the time and resources to fill a complaint with the labor board and see it through? Even after having received a favorable ruling, you'd still have to go to the courts to compel them to pay since the labor board has no enforcement authority.

After going through all the hurdles, there is still the problem of contract renewal at the end of the contract year, they'll simply decide not to renew and any benefits still owed is not binding, i.e., they'd only have to pay maternity leave up until the end of the contract.

So the amount of time left on the contract is going to be a factor on deciding if it is worthwhile to pursue maturity leave.

So, as with all things Chinese, the final outcome will depend heavily on the personal relationship you have with the school rather than on what the laws or norms allow on this matter.

PS, I'm no expert, just like to ramble

Forums > Living in Kunming > GoKunming feedback...

You guys are either living in the matrix or Groundhog day, take your age appropriate pick. Its the same old arguments, same calls for moderation, same back and forth about censorship vs freedom of speech, nothing new has been said that wasn't all said in the last 4 or 5 iterations.

If the web operator cares about the problem and/or have a solution, the problem would have been addressed already. The fact that its 2019 and the useful search feature hasn't even been implemented means thing probably will never change.

Give it up, this site has long outlived its purpose and usefulness. Just let it become the cesspool of ignorance it already is and allow the trolls to have their fun. If you are hanging on with the hopes that things will improve then you will be sorely disappointed.


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Let's hope the Chinese, both its people and the government, does not make the same mistake as Japan did in WWII, into thinking that Americans are too soft and lack the resolve to pursue its enemies. If nothing else, history has shown that the US have its share of vindictive, hate-filled people who love nothing more than a fight based on perceived slights, Any attack on America will not be easily forgotten or forgiven.

If you are not interested in their work or project, even 20 seconds is too long. If you are truly into what they are doing, you would love to hear every little nuance that would give you better insight.

From what I can gather, this event is meant to create a platform for people to showcase their work but because the audience might not be interested, you'd have to distill ideas into 20 second sound bites. So that begs the question, if they aren't interested in your project why would you bother pitching it to them? And as an audience member, why would you go to one of these presentations if you are not interested in what they are presenting? Anything worth doing is worth doing well, unless this is one of those "social" events where people can go and pretend they are more "cultured" than the rest of us. Then in that case, lets just go through the motions as quickly as possible so we can get to the drinking and socializing bit at the end.

We are now devolving into a culture of instant gratification, short attention spans and sound bites. Nothing is worth giving more than 20 seconds worth of discussion before moving on to the next topic. Ideas are now commoditized and pass around like fast food because we are no longer capable of in depth thought. Much like fast food, immediately after consumption it feel as if you are full, but in reality, nothing of real value was given. This is true of TED talks, it started well but soon became a money making scheme where anybody willing to pay the fee can give a "talk". Most talks given, however, are nothing more than filler that can be googled, nothing ground breaking. It has more value to the presenter for it adds a line to their list of "accomplishments" than the audience.

I'm sure this event is well meaning and has perceived value to those who participated but I wouldn't recommend patting yourself on the back for attending.

Please excuse the ramblings from this grumpy old geezer.

I wonder how that someone got to Chinainthe first place, certainly wasn't by walking or bicycling. nor by ship. And unless there is a secret trans-Atlantic or trans-Pacific railroad, not by train either.

And what kind of renewable, non-environment harming energy he is using to fire up all those electronic gadgets he uses to go online.

Ya know, my pa had a sayin, don't shit where you eat and most certainly don't complain about The smoke if you want a BBQ rib.


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