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Forums > Travel Yunnan > International Travel Insurance

I am looking for an international travel insurance (for Europe) here in China.

The insurance must include "repatriation insurance" and English translations of the documents.

If anyone has any experience or suggestions, please let me know. Thank you for your help.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Giant fumigation truck driving around

Today I spotted a giant fumigation truck driving around Kunming.
It is "clinical" white, looks like a concrete truck, but instead has a 5 meter long canon (1meter diameter) on the back pumping out a giant mist of something. It's odorless, but it ain't water cause it's just aimed upward and the stuff settles down on the streets very quick.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Baby specialty stores

Taobao is the place to shop for baby stuff. You can save up to 40% easily for good material and diapers.

- Babycribs made of nice wood: 260 rmb
- Diapers for a lot less
- Wetwipes per multi-pack.
- GB (GoodBaby brand) stroller which folds and can be carried like a bag is awesomely handy
- Baby formula from people who bring the stuff / ship the stuff to China from other countries (so not the potentially fake stuff (containing Chinese baby formula) in a counterfeit foreign packaging you risk finding in shops and supermarkets)

If in an emergency: Metro supermarket, Carrefour, Wallmart are the shops. Most big shopping malls have a baby and children section with various shops.

Forums > Living in Kunming > furniture store location

One stop shop: taobao.
We buy all our furniture items on there if it has to be quality, easy assembly and cheap. Delivery is cheap or free sometimes.

11 Furniture isn't that good of a bargain.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Voltage Converter

US PS3 doesn't come with a power adapter. It's built in inside. And you don't want to open that box and start ripping out parts.

Recommended power converter (about 150 rmb)

HUGETECH (Shanghai Juke Electrical Co.)
(it also allows you to convert from 110V to 220V and from 220V to 110V)

It's a little heavy, so if you intend to travel a lot, find something lighter. But then I don't get the point of bringing a PS3 too haha.
The problem with small / cheaper models is that they might not have surge-protectors and other safety features.


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Is there a list available of animals the government sees as endangered or forbidden? Not that I'd ever eat anything like those, but I want to know how far their list reaches in regards to foreign animals and if Yao Ming's efforts paid off. Thanks!

Hmm, sounds like every day driving in KM. Risking your life in an attempt to get to where you have to be.
It feels and looks just like a Demolition Derby here.
(Today a guy threatened to ram our car twice! because he was jealous that we were driving 5 Kph faster than him and using our "indicator light" to offend him...)

It becomes really sad when drivers here don't care about making life hard for people who are ill, pregnant or disabled. Or cause injury or death to others because it is of no concern to them or is simply beneficial to them. I've seen it happen. No deaths yet, but close enough...

Golden rule:
"What you don't know won't hurt you."



Yum Yum burgers! One of those places that needs a moment as they make things themselves and fresh.
Well worth the wait as it's tasty!
Decoration is stylish and the 2nd floor is very good to read a book or do some homework and escape the Kundu noise level.


Expensive, but probably one of the best places in this whole province to find genuine top brands (Prada, Gucci, etc.) for outlet prices.
Their jewelry sections in the basement is also very large but I would never touch any jewelry in China.


Unbeatable priced. Seriously!
Prices start from 25 yuan p/p when you have a member card (deposit money on it).
The theaters are very good and they also show movies in 3D.

They always have the latest movies. Actually, they show most foreign movies in their native language which is awesome as I don't understand much Chinese yet.
Chinese movies are frequently shown with English subtitles.

Just make always sure and ask before attending a show what the language and subtitles are, but I guess that's a given in China :)


Personally this is one of my favorite halal restaurants in Kunming. ^_^

Known well among the upper class of Kunming, it is very classy and is very good for quality business lunches and dinners. Having been here many times, this restaurant truly never lets you down. It's a little more pricey (-or a lot more pricey than your average noodle and rice restaurant), but the staff is very well trained and the food is exquisite and above all safe (they don't serve pork). (this is an absolute pre- when having business dinners as you don't want your guests to become sick).

My favorite dishes:
Steamed whole fish (predator type) in light soy-sauce.
Ground beef and ground peanuts over baked eggplant.
The seafood ice platter (salmon, scallop and snail) is very delicate and good for making a quality impression.


This is one of South Kunming's largest farmers markets. Originally named "seafood market" for its focus on fish, shellfish and other seafood, it now contains a large vegetable, fruit, meat, bakery and dried food selection.