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  • NameNew Asia Rainbow Cinema (Guandu)
  • Address3F, S10, New Asia Athletics Park, Guandu District, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 67354488
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New Asia Rainbow Cinema (Guandu) • 3F, S10, New Asia Athletics Park, Guandu District

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Unbeatable priced. Seriously!
Prices start from 25 yuan p/p when you have a member card (deposit money on it).
The theaters are very good and they also show movies in 3D.

They always have the latest movies. Actually, they show most foreign movies in their native language which is awesome as I don't understand much Chinese yet.
Chinese movies are frequently shown with English subtitles.

Just make always sure and ask before attending a show what the language and subtitles are, but I guess that's a given in China :)