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CanadaFan (4 posts) • 0

Need some recommendations on Locations of some furniture stores.

I need a small but sturdy school desk for my 7 year old and a small bed for my daughter (bigger than a toddler a size bed but smaller than a twin). I checked out 11 furniture on Daguan road last weekend but was very disappointed especially with the expensive delivery cost . Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

Just arrived in Kunming and don't know our way around yet so directions would be great too.

We are quite near Walmart at Renmin & East Ring Rd.

Daithi (426 posts) • 0

Hiya, there is a secondhand furniture market at Huang Tu Po (黄土坡). You will find plenty of choice there.

You can take a 116, 55 or 2 bus to get there.

yankee00 (1632 posts) • 0

Loads of home decoration/furnishing shops around the middle of Guangfu Lu.

You can also order on Taobao by narrowing down to shops in Kunming. They will usually offer free delivery and assembly.

walter (48 posts) • 0

Hi there, we've been working to furnish our new place here recently after moving back to town so I have just been going through this personally.

The recommendation of the second hand furniture market near Huangtupo is a good one - they have lots of stuff there, including non-furniture and non second-hand items (bikes, bins, appliances, etc.). Personally I find most new furniture stores are ultra expensive. Taobao is good if you know what you want and don't need to see it in person.

There is a huge furniture store complex (about 5 levels of 30 stores per level) in the east of town near the expo garden called 得胜家居.世博店 ... just say shí​zhá​lì​jiāo​qiáo​ (石闸立交桥 ... ie. "stone sluice-gate overpass") to get there, it's the whole eastern corner of the intersection (perhaps not immediately visible behind some trees). They have everything.

There are a bunch more around town but they are pretty equivalent.

You said you had issues with delivery costs quoted. If I'm not mistaken, any decent furniture store should deliver either free or very cheaply. They may however want to charge you by the truck rather than by the object, which is likely just a sales tactic. As a general upper bound on cost or failing that if you buy lots of stuff from different stores in the same area you can use a removalist company like 蚂蚁搬家 (mayibanjia: 'ant removals') who will do a quick trip with a few objects for about 400RMB or so, give or take, depending on hassle factor (access) and items.

Another option you can explore if you need quite a few pieces is to have someone build custom furniture for you. It's actually a lot cheaper than you might think (way cheaper than buying individual mass-produced factory type plywood crappo items in furniture stores) and you can get exactly the size you want.

AlexKMG (2387 posts) • 0

There are a row of furniture shops on xinxing road (right after baita changes into). Those are the closest to you.

voltaire (225 posts) • 0

Just found one more interesting one. I think it's called 1+1 (yi jia yi). It's located behind the Walmart at Xiaoximen. To find it, enter the block from the direction Xichang Lu. As you are coming down the first, straight, strip of road that has a central divider with shopfronts, it is on your right. There are two entries, one maybe 50m from the Xichang Lu intersection, and one about 70 or 80% of the way down to the first curve (nominal 'front door' I think).

This place is like a low cost Ikea alternative with some similar types of furniture and reasonable prices. Avoid it for lighting though, they charge way too much.

For either house or desk-lamp style lighting, I can highly recommend level four at Yunfang Guoji Dasha (云纺国际商厦) which is located straight south down Xichang Lu, just after the intersection with Huancheng Nan Lu, though do look around as prices vary considerably between vendors.

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