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Forums > Living in Kunming > furniture store location

Need some recommendations on Locations of some furniture stores.

I need a small but sturdy school desk for my 7 year old and a small bed for my daughter (bigger than a toddler a size bed but smaller than a twin). I checked out 11 furniture on Daguan road last weekend but was very disappointed especially with the expensive delivery cost . Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

Just arrived in Kunming and don't know our way around yet so directions would be great too.

We are quite near Walmart at Renmin & East Ring Rd.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Location of Used Bicycle Market

Can anyone tell me the location of the used bicycle market and how to get there from Dong Feng Dong Lu in the East? New to Kunming and don't know my way around very well yet.

Any other places to buy a used bike?



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